National Research

Beyond the accomplishment of routine examinations, it is essential to guide the gestante in regards to its feeding, a time that the pregnancy exaure the reserves of nutrients. for in such a way is necessary a nutritional diet including vitamins, leaves minerals, amino acids, some acid greasy ones and calricas sources, moreover, an additional supplement of iron, so that its body remains healthful during the gestation is that the defense of its organism remains operating against external aggressors. DIET NUTRICIONAL OF the GESTANTES the relation between the feeding and health already is known since the antiquity. For in such a way the first medical writings regarding the importance of foods for the health of the gestante, according to Brazil (2001a), they had been produced by Hipcrates, the father of the medicine in centuries V-VI B.C., and many certainties and knowledge of this time are accepted until the current days. available information at that time cannot be compared with that if it has today, therefore, the advance of science were very great. Some foods had been incorporated the feeding of all the peoples and the way of life of the people suffered an intense modification. Such facts had finished very influencing the feeding of the pregnant woman and its relation with the health. In 1989 it was carried through the National Research on the Health and Nutrio (PNSN), and its results had been well different of the previous ones.

The nutricional situation of the children improved sufficiently, what, as Yunes and Monteiro (1993) if had had the magnifying of the access of the population to the public services as sanitation, health and education. On the other hand the index of overweight and obesidade increased enters the adult population disclosing to bigger risks the related health the chronic illnesses, as cardiovascular, diabetes and some types of cancer. The explanation for this change in a so short period it is related to the way of life of the population, especially the one that deferred payment in the urban area.