Anemia Brain Anemia

Anemia of the brain, or – reduced functionality of the central nervous system against the background of a weak blood supply vessels develops due to insufficient blood supply to the brain, a possible decline vascular permeability (decreased tone) as a result of the investigation of infectious diseases and some pathologies of the circulatory system. In rare cases, cause blood flow reduction in cerebral anemia may be lower compression of the great arteries. In farm animals, particularly horses causes of transient anemia of the brain are some of the ammunition (Equipment) – harnesses. Anemia of the brain – tend to have a different etiology, and in addition to the above reasons, it can be developed for mass blood loss and conducting remedial measures – a puncture scar at large cattle at the time the tympanitis (anemia is the place to be during abrupt outflow of blood to the organs that were previously choked with gases). Diagnosis is based on the first clinical symptoms. For anemia the brain are characteristic: the state of depression, drowsiness animal, fainting.

To confirm the diagnosis performed ophthalmoscopy fundus, noting his anemic, low blood flow to the vessels. Treatment is prescribed by Based on the reasons for that was the source of anemia of the brain. With massive blood loss: measures to stop bleeding, perhaps – a blood transfusion or drug use krovozamenyayuschih drugs (polyglukin with care: isotonic sodium chloride). The animal's head should be tilted below the main part of the body to ensure blood flow to the brain. To remove the animal from the unconscious status groups used drugs: cardiac glycosides, drugs stimulating the central nervous system. Prevention is based on eliminating the factors causing anemia in a compression of the neck of animals, timely stop bleeding, as well as the correct manipulation of the treatment carried out tympanitis (slow removal of gas from the rumen). Early diagnosis of diseases of the cardiovascular system, also eliminates the development of processes leading to the outbreak of anemia

VISUAL Building

But tell me please, how often have you thinking over all this when planning a house. This is particularly an issue is the design of residential buildings. Yes, and in other areas of responsibility of this moment, and more precisely, "functional" at least for housing. After all, how well designed the building and how it corresponds to the destination may depend very much. For example, a person's life, if a hospital. Not having time to time in operating, which "hid" no one knows where it can happen awful.

Or may depend on the level of production and prosperity, if it is industrial building. Of course, nobody is perfect and mistakes do not allow those who do not work. But on us is quite a big responsibility. Responsibility for how this all planned. What do we actually design the "building" which is simply an attractive picture or "house", ie full-featured and easy in all respects, the structure? Speaking of the concept of "home" course, primarily an association with a residential building. However, this is only one and rather narrow concept of the party of the concept. Under "Home" can mean a really convenient and comfortable building, where people might feel well enough. True, you can make a reservation, saying that everything is known in comparison, and for any specific person generally devoid of the good, the good have their own home can be a fantastic moment and just finding what or overnight for a day.

But now it is not about what that single moment, and that the structure should serve as a be convenient, at least 50-100 years. Can you imagine what changes might occur during this period? In our already constantly accelerating time. Of course, all this is quite difficult and create a perfect home is absolutely impossible, at least for the simple reason that every human notion of "perfect" his own. And creating a "home" for a community of people to consider and even more so to translate their wishes, it is sometimes almost impossible. However, exist, what kind of general idea of comfort and convenience and it is they need to embody in his work. I once heard a story about that one designer (unfortunately, I do not remember his name) designed a certain area for more than seven years. Thoroughly studying the habits and affections of people intending to live there. But also its recognition was appropriate. He and his creations were recognized as the best of its kind. But does not always have so many times to fully exploit the issue. And those few days set aside for the design, of course, can not provide complete information. And it must be said affects the quality of the work itself. And here things can only depend on your skills and experience. However, completing the thought, and the article itself, I would like to encourage you, however it was designed "home" and not just "building" or if you want a "picture". After you have created each object is as would be a mini monument that says about your skills and talents. So let the name written on a monument, that is your name people remember with gratitude and not as in any other way … Ruslan Garipov. Author of "The working draft of up to …" Additional articles on the topic of architectural design you can see on my site: VISUAL-FORM architecture, 3d graphics and visualization, interior and exterior design.