Understanding Suffering

BECAUSE WE SUFFER? If God is just, everything in the life has a cause joust. Not being able God to punish the man for what he did not make or to recognize its mritos on what made in opposition to its laws, if we suffer, certainly has a cause for this. If this cause is not in this life, is in previous lives. The Evangelho According to Espiritismo says in one its lies that ours males are paved in the pride and the egoism; that Jesus is to be followed example. It observes that our planet, that if still finds in the period of training of place of tests and atonements route to a regeneration planet, could be compared with a great school, to a great hospital, where God, the supreme doctor, gives to each one of us the remedies (normally bitter), necessary to our moral improvement. Our failures, our falls, our sufferings, are our better professors. They are the difficult moments that make with that let us look a reason to follow in front. They are who make in fidiciary offices depositaries and must make optimum possible use of the same ones.

Use this always lined up to the divine laws. It observes that our goods are not really ours, our dear beings (parents, children, wife, etc.) much less. Our house, our car, all our corporeal properties. It swims continues with us when in them we undress of the body flesh time. Pain and the suffering are> Is a word alone: Love. The love summarizes everything; Without love it does not have charity. The love of God for us; the brother to the next one.

Who is the next one? Our dear beings? Next they are all; she is the humanity. Love to the next one; everything summarizes in this palavrinha: Love. The faith is the love for God, who we believe that it determines in them. we accept; it is the alive faith; it is the love. One palavrinha so small that he all summarizes the teaching of Christ and the orders of God. Then we go to practise the Love, true Love. Not this vulgar love, deturpado, that today it is transfigurado, changing the direction of this palavrinha so important for the humanity. Love is the feeling that cure, is the door opened for the divine blessing. Love; you always love you. All the love. They are in peace and that Mr. blesses them with much love brothers. Thanks to God.