Size Matters: Refrigerated Warehouses And Fruit

Traditionally, cold stores are divided into different types according to their size and temperature conditions. Recently, more and more popular are large and medium-sized buildings. Several reasons for doing so. First, the construction of a large warehouse is cheaper per unit volume of stored goods. Second, a large amount of space to create more stable conditions of storage (particularly climate), which in turn a positive impact on the quality of products.

Third, lower operating costs associated with storage. With regard to temperature conditions, the situation is not unique. In the central regions of the country most demanded low temperature warehouses. In the southern areas are more popular medium-temperature fruit storage. For a long time as the main customers of refrigerated storage facilities were largely food producers, as well as companies engaged exclusively storage. At the moment, interest in large refrigerators are increasingly showing commercial networks. And this is justified: retailers are able to completely eliminate the use of leased space and independently to deliver products, avoiding the use of intermediaries. One of those customers of our company TAS Engineering is a chain of stores "ABC", for fruit storage is already built and will soon be put into operation.

The process of design and construction of cold stores has its own peculiarities and requires complex of builders and refrigeration. That's why part of the company TAS Engineering includes experts in various fields, which allows to realize the most daring ideas. Close relationships with partner companies and its own workforce enables us to perform the full range of activities related to the construction of cold storage, starting with the idea of building a business case, conduct engineering and logistics research and ending with the launch of the facility. Tough operating conditions require the use of refrigerators with high quality materials and equipment. Our company has devoted a lot of time analyzing the market suppliers of materials and equipment, stopping only to those who really deserve attention. Here I would especially like to spend a few words of domestic producers of sandwich panels and doors for freezer – Volga factory "Ariada." This company is our old, reliable and responsible partner. "Ariada" produces sandwich panels filled with the usual foam, as well as penopoliizotsianurata use. The latter material is not as well known to the general public, as most recently appeared on the market. He has the unique properties of fireproof, which is achieved by having in its structure, the microcapsules of carbon, which when heated heater wraps, not allowing him to maintain the combustion temperature. For all other parameters penopoliizotsianurat no different from the polyurethane foam. Company TAS Engineering is always ready to translate your idea into practice as soon as possible, and our offer, no doubt you will like.