Ethics Seminar

The actions arising from a Kosmic consciousness level, are developed in full awareness of its interdependence with the universe in the physical, mental and spiritual, so they are based on universal values has always aimed to be a superior good is , the exercise of the values that are closer to the plane of the ideal. At this level, only seeks to do good, because it has acquired the sense of oneness with everything, and we know that when you hurt something or someone gets hurt himself. Only an injury will, in the case to avoid a greater evil. This mode of thinking has really helped me understand myself more, and others, without rejecting or judging, knowing that divine sparks are constantly evolving, and that all experiences, once we become aware of them, lead us down that road. Speaking candidly Cindy Crawford told us the story. He was also a strong support in the Ethics Seminar classes in previous semesters I have had to drive, because my students understood that the values themselves are not related, but I frequent is that of a certain neutrality, something like a feeling of slight depression or discontent, which sometimes I blame myself because I see a lack of gratitude for life and property that I am always. Perhaps this feeling of gratitude, occur spontaneously and independently of my ideas, because without thinking about it, sometimes I get a feeling of peace and joy, without the mind I report on the reasons for this are . The relationships with my family, have been more harmonious. .

Being Understood

Sometimes our non-verbal language alone conveys that we are not listening (thus be careful with our posture and gestures that give us away!). Never has happened that you are explaining something and ask if we understand and we say yes and we “will not have heard anything? It happens very often accompany the conversation with the head showing gestural line but our attitude, our face, look, he is saying that we are not slopes of the conversation. When someone is giving a speech, a meeting or just talking in public should be borne in mind that people you look that much more non-verbal language has, as it moves, he does with his hands, which is voice, the content of what is saying. Studies show that an entire conversation and even an entire course of our “hard disk” is left with only 7% of information so I imagine that our motor and neurological default rejects 93% of information, (we can not store everything that comes to us because otherwise we would end “crazy”), because if we do not pay than our full attention as soon as we arrive informacion.Las any key for a good “active listening” are to pay attention to what we announced our issuer, be aware of your nonverbal language, tone of voice and especially the content of what it conveys. We must “accompany” in conversation because the most important is that the issuer receives are listening but you lose interest in maintain communications with us. It is also important to know how to end a conversation when we meet a person who wants to tell us his life and verse. A good way of doing this: “Sorry, I like what you’re telling me but right now I have no time to serve you, why not leave it for another time?”. I think it is better to start making gestures of boredom, change the topic of a sudden, you have to be smart! All need to listen to us and think it does not cost much.

Ours may seem always more important than the other but keep in mind that they may think the same and sometimes you will be sending and other receivers. I wait on Wednesdays from 9:00 in the morning in my program “Kaleidoscope” trusting you if I will listen, actively I mean … … ….