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Cellulite is formed by the accumulation of fat in certain parts of our body such as buttocks and thighs, as well as fluid retention. And as any evil come alone, on many occasions it comes accompanied by stretch marks. Let’s talk about how vitamins for cellulite can help. Stretch marks, kind of Groove that are generated in the skin, form when the skin has lost its elasticity and this may be due to the lack of certain vitamins and micro minerals in our body. Well, rather, it is that I do not ingest these vitamins and micro minerals in our diet. For this reason we must be able to know what are the foods that we should include in our diet to achieve generate the ideal amount of collagen, which is the factor that keeps our skin with the natural elasticity that characterizes it. But to begin, we must mention what are vitamins for cellulite and micro minerals required in our diets.

And these are: vitamin E, responsible for the regeneration of cells and production collagen; Vitamin C also responsible for producing collagen and optimize existing collagen; Vitamin B5, also known as acid Pantothenic, whose function is the help in the healing of the skin, also helps in the regeneration of skin, nails and hair. With respect to the mineral micro we can enumerate to zinc, very important for the healing of the skin in its surface as well as its inner part; copper, which allows the body to properly use vitamin C eat, and which also collaborates in our skin pigmentation; Silicon, helps to regenerate the collagen in all tissues, thus preventing skin is gradually losing its elasticity and parallel way, reduces sagging in the affected areas. Want to know how to treat ovarian cysts in a non-intrusive way? Please Click here to read about a method that you can eliminate the symptoms in as little as 12 hours.

The Herniated Disc – Scourge Of Office Activity

"I'm like Jesus, I do my back hurt so much!" – Sung by the famous Austrian singer Wolfgang Ambros. According to studies, every patient in the course of his medical history can at least agree with that sentence, as in Western countries has become even back to a widespread disease. With every seventh patient with back pain, the diagnosis of herniated disc is ". Function of the human spinal disc is composed of a large number of vertebrae, which are supported by the so-called intervertebral disc into each other. These discs only allow the flexibility of our spine is provided. The disc itself is composed of a cartilaginous outer ring surrounding a core gallertarigen.

This design allows both the flexibility of the spine as well as the attenuation of the shock between vertebral segments. When the herniated disc term "slipped disc" must be due to the injury of the intervertebral disc (s) be a subdivision into 3 types: 1 TheDisk protrusion of intervertebral disc protrusion at the disc remains intact in itself. Only the core of the disc is deformed and presses the cartilaginous outer ring, which is deformed by the pressure well. 2. In this type of disk herniation occurs in a part of the gelatinous core of the intervertebral disc. Since the withdrawal of the core is still not connected to the beaten core liquid encapsulation takes place. 3. As prolapse during the sequestration here is a withdrawal of the core instead of taking the exit from the inner core, however, split off and encapsulated.

In each of these 3 cases may be caused by the injury to the intervertebral disc (s) to a pressure on the nerve roots that are the spinal cord or nerve fiber bundles, which can lead to various (often painful) symptoms. The exact nature of the injury can be determined by means of contrast) by the doctor by radiography, computed tomography, or myelogram (X-ray. The symptoms of a herniated disc symptoms of a herniated disc can vary. fail Depending on the affected area, the symptoms of arm or leg pain over numbness, muscle weakness, paralysis of individual muscle groups rich, spasms, bladder paralysis, lack of control of bladder and bowel function to complete paralysis of the leg muscles. Those who complained about persistent back pain and felt one or more symptoms of this nature, it is strongly advised to seek medical attention. The causes The most common reasons for a slipped disc many years are over-or improper loading of the spine as it is for example in the case of any kind of professional groups who exercise their activities voraberwiegend sitting. In some cases, a certain family history, the reason for the injury to the intervertebral discs. Among the "risk groups" is one especially people in the age of 30 and 50 years and women during pregnancy or obese people. These are especially at risk due to an overload of the spine. What can I do? Theconservative therapy currently exists in the medicine two forms of therapy. The "conservative therapy" is guaranteed by bed rest at first, that the spine is relieved. Simultaneously, by drug treatment, the release of muscle tension and relieving pain. Subsequently, a physiotherapy treatment takes place, which through various treatments (massage, electrical stimulation therapy) a discharge of the spine to the goal. Among the more conservative method further includes the "epidural injection", which are administered under the millimeter computer-tomographic guidance analgesic, anti-inflammatory drugs and gewebsveradende to the painful nerve root. This leads to a reduction of which takes place around the nerve root "mechanical inflammation and a swelling of the nerve. The surgical treatment today is just more acute mass incidents accompanied by paralysis, or after failed conservative treatment, aOperation advised. Since traditional open surgical procedures are fraught with unpredictable risks and take a longer stay in the hospital with them were so-called minimally invasive procedures developed for the operation. These procedures can indeed be easily implemented out-patient and relative, but only for people who had previously not yet have surgery on the respective disc. Among the now popular method of minimally invasive surgery,: 1 Laser ablation of the disc: This surgical procedure is only suitable for simple, fresh incidents. This measure is based on the principle of volume reduction in the area of the disc using a medical laser is carried out. 2. Microsurgery Surgery: Through a small incision is cut out using a microscope, the herniated disc. They are by far not the only surgical procedure to remove a herniated disc, but the gentlest from a medical point of view. conclusion: If you want to prevent a herniated disc, which shouldfirst and foremost a lot of liquid ingest. The discs are like a sponge that absorbs the body fluid in itself. The more tense the sponge is full, the lower the probability that the disc nucleus is damaged. The herniated disc is already fact, it helps in the simple case of a discharge of the spine through targeted training of the back or in the worst case an operation.

Eat To Lose

Everyone knows what has to be done to decrease weight, eating low amount of fat, sweet escazo, but what they don’t know is that we need to eat fat, sugar to reduce excess fat, feels incompatible but later I unfold the basis of why so. You will find what to eat to lose weight decisively and diets for each of you. If you want more information Click Aqui to see a VIDEO about the manual. When you try to apply with meals to lose weight, resist the appetite and also not annoy, when spend days of abstinence, we we make attempts at dieting several times in our existence and finish desperate (ACE) without having achieved anything, and we apuramos by referring to diets to lose weight fast with much more intensity on holidays or in summer. Now I recommend a book acerde of what to eat to lose weight that is triumphing in the United States.UU., buts today there is already a translation into Spanish, the author eating for Miss Isabel De Los Rios in his Manual.

In his book eat to lose Isabel De Los Rivers, says the goal of all manual reduce fat, improving eating habits so that your body is presentable and well fed. Instead of diet Control of appetite, eat to lose fat it is intended to help you change your eating habits eating meals suitable for losing weight to help you. In this way it will not only lose fat, you believe is amazed. If you follow these steps you should not distinguish appetite, tiredness, heaviness, and other misfortunes that bear eating light diets that we have in the internet. Fundamentally this diet to lose fat is reduced to food also are graphs which show the portions of every kind of food you have to eat to lose fat to every meal on the day, and an orientation of nutrients on hand to help you to fix what the food ration is a part.


It has been estimated that about 400 species of bacteria inhabit our digestive. Some of these bacteria are called beneficial bacteria, while others less desirable are producing bacteria diseases, which often invade certain parts of our body and cause diseases. probiotics are live microorganisms that, eaten in quantity, can provide beneficial effects on the organism. Most of these micro-organisms are known as Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria and found primarily in fermented dairy products (yoghurt, cheese) and nutritional supplements. The beneficial bacteria produce lactic, acetic and formic acids, and lower the pH of the intestine, inhibiting Thus the growth of harmful bacteria. Our level of health largely depends on the conditions of the beneficial bacteria and control that they are able to exercise over the harmful. Some of the beneficial bacteria can grow only in environments that lack almost entirely of oxygen as the Bifidobacteria.

Others require small amounts of oxygen to live and grow and are therefore called microaerofilos organisms, (such as Lactobacillus acidophilus), although some strains are able to survive in the absence of oxygen. It must be borne in mind that not all Lactobacilli or Bifidobacteria can be considered probiotics, since to do so it is necessary to have demonstrated a beneficial effect on the organism different from the purely nutritional. A typical probiotic product is yogurt. Beneficial bacteria have the potential to play two roles. (a) improve the nutritional absorption of nutrients markedly helping us digest food and producing essential vitamins. (b) they play specific therapeutic roles important. Due to these multiple and complementary benefits of beneficial bacteria is so it has coined the term probiotics. Refer to that support and intensify life: ours and the of them; In contrast to the activity of anti-life of antibiotics which kill bacteria, both beneficial and harmful, indiscriminately when they are supplied.