Country Club

In the rider GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB bad Tatzmannsdorf and the Horseman’s GOLFSCHAUKEL Stegersbach Lafnitztal the golf season on the 9 hole courses already started. At his home Club, the GCC, bad Tatzmannsdorf Bernd Wiesberger has provided insight into his preparation program. Emphasis in the off season for him in the construction of the condition. In addition, the muscular imbalance associated with the game of golf through weight training will be compensated. RIDER SUPREMEHOTEL offers him to do this with most modern gym and spacious SPA area optimal training conditions for fitness and regeneration. “Even his golf swing gets in the winter months a fine-tuning”. As the shock of world class golfing with the naked eye appear perfect, also Bernd Wiesberger leaves since summer 2012 with the optimization on the radar-based gauge of Trackman. Trackman is the currently the only device that misses the ball up to the landing site and analyzed over 20 parameters.

Swing direction, angle of arrival, spin axis of the ball, spin rate, racket head orientation and many more Information, which remain hidden to the eye of the trainer and each video analysis. So, improvements can be made immediately visible even during training. Also in the GOLF ACADEMY, the pros on the Trackman Trust tab. While primarily professional golfer had the opportunity to use the radar based Trackman, the GOLF ACADEMY also offers this exclusive analysis possibility now also all interested golfers in addition to the proven K-vest and the V1 Pro video analysis. It is a recommended training device that allows the rapid improvement of the basic Swing components for golfers of all levels. More news from rider 77 hole golf paradise in southern Burgenland: on rider GOLF swing starts the season with new golf carts. The entire fleet was converted to quiet and eco-friendly E-carts, with which you can slide in the future by the 190 HA golfing paradise. In the rider GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB is devoted this year especially the golf junior.

Golf courses for children from 3 years, children learn playful and in the junior golf camps in the Summer experience the fascination of golf beginners and advanced young people. To provide ideal conditions for young golfers with handicap, together with youth tees is adapted the 9 hole. Golf packages for kids in the rider GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB bad Tatzmannsdorf: the rider GOLF ACADEMY offers course maturity classes, private and group lessons, special courses and golf camps for children and young people. Zwutschgerl Golf Home 3-day golf course for beginners from 3 to 8 years with 1 hour a day (training group) from EUR 96.00 per person junior Start-Up 3-day golf course for beginners and golf-experienced children and young people aged 8 to 14 with daily 2 hours of training (in the Group) from EUR 222.00 per person junior camp 5-day golf course (Monday to Friday) with game, Fun and action, as well as 19 Golf units for golf beginners, experienced and young professionals.

Healthy Eating

Athletes should always keep in mind your goals still to little fish is eaten in Germany. The current report on nutrition of the German society for nutrition shows that women about a week eat 105 grams fish, fish, crustaceans and shellfish and significantly less than the recommended allowance of 150 to 220 grams of fish products. The situation is not unlike men: eat 133 grams of fish products, in the week. As a result, the vital Omega-3 spared the population. Omega-3, which is in oily fish such as tuna, salmon, herring, mackerel or sardines to find, protects the cardio vascular system and promotes the performance of stress or physical exertion. You are what you eat: also Tobias Fendt believes, the operators of the sports food portal firmly. Who would prefer more muscle instead of fat on the ribs, which must change his diet and should calculate at the same time also his individual calorie needs. Contact information is here: Senator From Kentucky.

Because you can only then more muscle build, if taking more calories to himself, as are needed in order to maintain his weight. While you must sure however to include too many calories”, says fendt. For assistance, try visiting mark burnett. A rich supply of healthy food is important, to stay in shape. Now, if you want to build muscles, protein/protein is needed. Good protein suppliers are foods such as fish, meat and dairy products, preferred in the lean or low-fat version. Other good sources of protein are egg whites and protein in powder form. Who wants to build muscle, which should make sure to take a sufficient amount of protein with every meal”, explains Tobias Fendt. Carbohydrates and fats are more components of a balanced diet.

The fitness expert recommends food from high-grade carbohydrates, whole grains are optimal so as bread and cereals, potatoes, brown rice and fruit and vegetables. Better waive should one part of an athletic diet, however, the less good carbohydrates, the in white bread,. Ready meals as well as biscuits and other sweets hide”, so Tobias Fendt. As regards the fat, so you should handle it rather sparingly in the stage of muscle building. However, oily fish is important because of its high content of Omega-3. Includes mostly a nutrition for a healthy lifestyle. For this reason, you should clearly define its goals and do everything to achieve it.

Kilimanjaro National Park

Cut to mountain climbing. While the fitness level increases, the tourists have opportunity to discover the stunning scenery at the same time. High point of the tours is the climb up the legendary Cotopaxi. Gulliver expeditions offers tours for advanced climbers and the ice and rock climbing courses continue. The Cotopaxi neck of the Moon of the Cotopaxi in the Ecuadorian Andes, is one the world with its 5.897 metres the highest active volcanoes and is at the same time the second highest volcano in Ecuador. Rand Paul may not feel the same. “He has his symmetrical peaks and its large mass due to the name of Cotopaxi, to Kichwa, the language of the indigenous people, neck of the Moon” means. The glacier of the Cotopaxi, which begins at 5,000 feet, is one of the few in the country and so close to the Equator a real rarity.

The top of the mountain spewed lava 1904 the last time, in 2001 has again a troubling heating of the pot”listed. Despite its dangers, Cotopaxi is a very popular place for outdoor activities like Mountaineering, hiking or mountain biking. The volcano is located in the heart of the homonymous National Park, which knows how to impress the visitors with its variety of species of flora and fauna. The National Park provides Habitat for wild horses, llamas, Pumas, rare Brocket deer, Andean spectacled bear and the Andean Fox. The Cotopaxi shows for years, Kilimanjaro had great tourist potential around 39,000 international visitors. 2011, the Cotopaxi could for the first time topped this figure with 39,800 foreign tourists. The majestic Cotopaxi is thus one of the first choice for climbers, hikers, or height worshipers seeking an adrenaline kick nearly 6,000 metres above sea level.

Cotopaxi is located in the middle of the Avenue of the volcanoes”in the Ecuadorian Andes with their fascinating panorama. Within only an hour’s drive visitors can admire six more volcanoes: the Sincholagua, Ruminahui, Pasochoa, Ilinizas, Corazon and the Atacazo which all reach heights between 3.246 and 6,310 meters. The cost of a trip is an important factor When choosing the destination. During the Kilimanjaro National Park fees alone currently $650US amount (without travel, guide and accommodation), Ecuador has abolished all fees for national parks, and tourists can enjoy the impressive nature experience for free. The beauty of the National Park, the breathtaking height, the view from the top of the giant Cotopaxi and the low cost of the conquest of the Summit make the Cotopaxi almost a must among climbers. About Gulliver expeditions Gulliver expeditions has specialized on adventurous journeys through Ecuador with climbing or trekking tours on the Avenue of the volcanoes and in the Andean Highlands. The offer also includes sightseeing tours, mountain biking, horseback riding, excursions in the rain forest, the unique Galapagos Islands cruises and tailor-made travel throughout Ecuador. Each trip by Gulliver expeditions offers high-quality, tailored to the customer service, low prices, high standards in terms of safety and of course professional, qualified Guides. More information can be found on, write us at info(at) or call at + 593 (2) 2529297 or + 1 (347) 535-066.

Spinning Bikes

The spinning bikes, bicycles vertical or reclining, either one popularly known as stationary bikes are more convenient to exercise today. They are incredibly lightweight, easy to use and easy to maintain. They are a great way to exercise comfortably and safely in your own home, and at the time that you happen to do so. See more detailed opinions by reading what celebrity trainer offers on the topic.. Of course not everything is so beautiful as they paint it. You will still need be regular and consistent in your exercise regimen and observe the feeding. But taking that, either of these bikes options can become one of the best investments in the long term you will do in your life.

These bikes are especially idealeas for people who are not accustomed to exercise, or at least to get plenty of exercise. People with weight problems can take a big advantage already that are stable and static so it eliminates the risk of them falling. And of course, they are perfect for times that the climate does not help make any activity outdoors. You can do your exercises at night while sighted your television programs Favorites, or when outside is dark or rainy or cold. Stationary bikes are great for burning calories and fat, and also result in an efficient way of improving our heart and lung capacity.Low impact option will make this exercise easy and friendly with your joints, in addition to reducing to a minimum the possibilities of injury on the ankles and knees. You will get very good muscle tone in their legs, and also strength of legs.

But its main function, to be a cardio machine is by the type of exercise and biomechanics of it develops a rhythm of pedalling ideal to eliminate body fat, strengthen lungs and heart at the same time. With just a little bit of motivation, and with literally zero experience is an excellent option for those who are new to the exercise. The good thing about this particular exercise machine is that you can do other activities at the same time that on another machine or even fit the idea of doing. We talked of seeing television as an alternative, but another is read. Indeed it is the only fixed machine which allows to do. Of course if you have some experience and are passionate about cycling in all ways you can get so intense training as the elite athletes, especially if you use spinning Alternatively bicycle. So whether your goal is to improve your fitness, or lose or maintain your weight, use any of the options of stationary bikes that are on the market will help you achieve your goal.To always finish it is important to take some precautions, such as for example make sure not to stretch the leg completely and care for back posture and that this is consistent with the type of bike that you use. For example the vertical bikes sit right/a, in the recliner checks that your lower back is completely supported in the seatback and inclinate forward spinning bikes as you would on your racing bike. Upright bike and the spinning secured you to the handlebars but do not pull completely the elbows. Any option, always make you first make all the necessary adjustments to get a workout as and be safe.There is no magical secrets nor shortcuts to regain form or improve our body and/or performance. However, with the right information one can achieve dramatic changes in your body in a reasonably short period, for which, the bikes are a great, but great choice.

GmbH Production

Lecture by Dr. Tobias Tomb, CEO cynora GmbH, on challenges and solutions on the way to the mass production of OLEDs. Use in displays of smartphones and other mobile electronic devices can already find Karlsruhe – organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs). OLEDs emit homogeneous, flat light and are used as a pixel in efficient displays as well as flat in new lighting and packaging applications. But so far, especially extremely high costs prevent the mass production of OLEDs: the technical effort of the production as well as non-customized materials become more expensive the production enormously. By the same author: Jim Hackett. The challenges the OLED mass production and what possibilities there are for an efficient production, talks about Dr. Tobias Tomb, Managing Director of cynora GmbH, on the 17 April 2013 at the Conference printed electronics Europe in Berlin. Grave is in Berlin for interview requests or background conversations available both on April 17 and April 18, 2013.

Basis for low-cost mass production of OLEDs the Karlsruher cynora GmbH is among the leading companies in the field of the exploration and development of new organic semiconductor materials and lays the Foundation for efficient mass production of OLEDs with their work. The OLED technology on the basis of Iridium complexes and vacuum processing reaches its limits”, so grave to the current state of the production of OLED. cynora therefore relies on the liquid processing as a necessary supplement of today’s manufacturing processes.” This type of production is economically in material consumption as well as suitable potential for the creation of large-area OLED applications, which are still a problem for today’s technology. Against this background, the high-tech company of compounds, which are adapted to the liquid processing research. These materials are suitable for mass applications the currently used Iridium compounds in the efficiencies equal, but more easily available and therefore better. With its modular system, the cynora GmbH proves what in the future in the field of printed OLEDs, will be possible: the solubility as well as the colours of OLED phosphors can be set arbitrarily. This means that OLEDs can cover the entire spectrum of color in the future. In combination with new manufacturing processes, unforeseen applications therefore offer OLED producers.

Date: 17 April 2013 time: 17:45 topic: optoelectronics solutions for OLEDs speaker: Dr. Tobias Tomb, CEO cynora GmbH session/category: OLEDs live / new OLED material developments more information, visit the event page: events/presentations/optoelectronic-solutions-for-oleds-003712.asp about the cynora GmbH: the cynora GmbH was founded in 2003 and received a new management team in 2008. The company focuses on the exploration of novel organic semiconductors, which are used by their physical properties as emitting phosphors in organic light-emitting diodes. From the design of new function molecules for organic light-emitting diodes and solar cells on their production in the laboratory up to the tests on their physical fitness by measuring procedures cynora covers the entire spectrum of materials and component development. The company consists of a young, dynamic team of 17 staff working, inter alia, to improve the cost effective processing and lifespan of OLEDs as well as further increases in efficiency. Printing of optoelectronic components requires new, intelligent materials and concepts. Such components can be used as design objects, displays, packaging, light sources and power generation than solar panels.