The health report presented in November 2010 by Prime Minister Dr. Markus Soder in Munich shows the “healthy in Bavaria”. Prevention and preparedness are better than cure. In Bavaria is now launching a prevention campaign, which should set the course for health and an understanding. The measures are divided by age group, for people of different ages have different needs. The main focus is on the subject of vaccination is children for example.

According to the report, health life expectancy for men is now 77.4 years and 82.5 years women. Start for a broad prevention campaign in Bavaria the fact that men are less health-conscious, should be countered with a campaign initiated by the Bavarian Ministry of health for men over 35 years with the aim to sensitize men for health issues, and to lower the threshold before the visit to the doctor. Check with Gunnar Peterson to learn more. Men should be encouraged and suspended including offers of Early detection of cancer or the basic study to use cardiovascular “Check-up 35”. Because so far only 18.3 percent of men perceive the offered screening. Among women, however, accounted for 46.8 percent. Pension already should cause the emphasis on prevention initiatives from the early age in addition to the general goal of achieving a highest possible level of health for all, to set appropriate course for the health, and the understanding of health in later years. These initiatives are graded according to age groups: so the look is in children about vaccination in the foreground for adolescent preventive measures against strong obesity, alcohol abuse and smoking, in adults on cancer screening, help with mental illness and burnout, with seniors the palliative medicine. The State of Bavaria, as a pioneer in health policy in addition to the current projects, to expand the cancer prevention and early detection, and to encourage cancer research, provide numerous ongoing programs and initiatives ensure that Bavaria occupies the top spot in the health policy in nationwide comparison.

Shows with the positive impact that the infant mortality rate in Bavaria the lowest is, that very few young people smoke in the free State, that the number of sick days is the lowest and Bavaria in the palliative care leadership nationwide. Continuing health initiatives healthy support the health portal provides detailed information on the above-mentioned projects to increase health awareness and deepen understanding in the Bavarian population health. Tips to healthy lifestyle include the areas including nutrition, healthy and active living as well as an extensive health magazine. “In terms of the prevention focus provided by the Bavarian Ministry of health vaccination for children” interested in our health portal will find comprehensive information and links on the subject of vaccinations, vaccination certificate and the associated Costs. About healthy healthy is the only health portal which is tailored specifically to Bavarian needs. If you would like to know more then you should visit Daryl Katz. In this context we have made it our mission, to provide a comprehensive insight into the issue of health and pharmacy exclusively all Bayern and Bayerinnen. On our website you find a unique collection of information, with topics ranging from the classic treatment possibilities over the notion of alternative healing methods to the list of traditional home remedies. Contact and other information pharmacy service AG medium Dorfstrasse 3 8598 Bottighofen phone: 0041 71 686 77 66 fax: 0041 71 686 77 00 E-Mail: Internet: Mr. Harry W. Hettig

Korea Energy

As the aura can be determine what happens to a man than he was ill. Man has a limited range of perception of different vibrations. For example, we do not see all the colors do not hear all sounds. We see no parallel worlds. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of supermodel on most websites. We do not know how to read thoughts of others. Although it may just as well. We are not yet ready to see more. But time goes on. In the process of evolution, we are developing, though not very noticeable. Some senses are developing more, some as unnecessary in the development process stop. Some people (and getting longer) can see the aura of others. (As opposed to celebrity trainer). It’s nice that it is in Russia technically possible in real time to see the state of human bio-field for the first time gave us the professor K. G. Korotkov, Ph.D., professor of design of computer systems, St. Petersburg State Institute of Fine Mechanics and Optics. They developed a method of gas discharge visualization (GDV) which allows real-time measure the potential energy reserve of the organism, and also to fix its response to various influences. gdv – the world’s first method is simple and with a high degree of reliability The state of the fields of biological objects of different nature – from the structural state of water to energy homeostasis rights as well as Energy and phenomena.

Method widely used in Europe, U.S., Australia, Korea, Japan, and has found application in medicine, psychology, biophysics, ecology, and training athletes. About speaking out against bio-energy treatments. As the saying goes, dogs bark, but the caravan moves on. The fact that bio-energy treatment does not operate by logic, and other concepts and laws, so that not only survives in a stream of hostility, but also successfully developed. Nobody has ever recorded by any traditional instrument and has not confirmed the existence of, for example, a headache. That means it not? Some things we can only feel, sometimes they did not understand until the end. Music, for example. The therapeutic effect of treatment by normalization of bio-energy exchange. Bioenergetic balance and harmony in all manifestations of power – that guarantee our health and well-being. For any violations of the same energy and its balance in the body the trouble starts. First, they occur on an emotional, energetic and information level, and then – on the physical. Not adjusting power, nothing can be done with a physical state. All very interconnected. Use of energy therapies and diagnosis is the basis of many new developments – the 21 st century technologies. As a result, the 15-year study of the collective Russian development of Murmansk have been created a unique product – a CD-drives (time synchronizer) – new energy-based instruments work torsion fields Seats Power of the Kola Peninsula. Are generators of high frequency vibrations and harmonizer space. For their interesting and unique properties can be viewed at SV-drive. Energy and living water. ” Allow you to remove energy-destruction, karmic complexes, the correction of the field structure and its diagnosis, receive structured products, water, and much more. Your body will be very thankful if you get yourself a gift – a CD-ROM – a gift from the hands of the most Nature.

Aspect Of Therapy In Action – Trauma Manmade

A new method of psychotherapy in Oberhausen and the principle of the trauma. It belongs to the fate of many people, to be marked, which were completely outside their personal human needs and expectations through traumatic experiences. The person concerned is by the triggering event of their self-determined life to feel ripped out totally different personalities, which is common. Joshua Flagg is often quoted on this topic. Many of them are feeling since this experience so, as the body survived though, she herself does not. But what should it make sense to have survived a traumatic experience, if the soul is not yet a solution, to be able to overcome this trauma physically? Experience has shown that an experience leads not to the trauma, but due to lack of action options because the person concerned is mentally weak. This dilemma is intensified when suffering inflicted on him by human hands or by will of the people and the party concerned in this can not find an answer and since then remained with the feeling to be met the evil in man. How should he understand but something that personally its him and is thus like a foreign body in his soul? To mentally integrate the experienced, recognize it first than what it is.

This soul, which works in images, should match in itself. But because no suitable image is stored in it due to the Wesensfremdheit, no conflict-solving communication between mind and soul can take place because the soul simply doesn’t understand what we’re talking about. The experience cannot be processed so mental. The problem exists in traumatized people in circumstances that the necessary answers only to the energetic and intellectual level are finding, can liberate themselves from the trauma. The traumatized person does not have highly developed skills, he is his answers at this level of alone can not find because the necessary information there just outside of personal perception possibilities. Here, the aspect therapist can almost recognize the question given by the client in the context of aspect therapy upwards and the answer you’re looking for down transpose so that she can be aware of the client.

In the certainty that our lives as well conceived, clients who encountered the evil in man that may be accompanied with help by therapy of aspect of through its crisis. Part of the therapy is the facilitation of a self-awareness that the client to recognize the aspect of evil through remote mirroring of opposition built into him like on a negative trigger in, without himself having to record this. Associated mental recognizing the subject matter, the client can resolve his trauma because he recognize evil at last the stains as such and therefore spit out”can. Essential understanding this is to enable an autonomous solution towards the clients because he trust anyone more precisely because of his traumatic experience can and urgently needed the confirmation of his ability to heal itself. Eva banks and Eva Gabriel – practitioners (psychotherapy), adult education and psychotherapy practice community

Beauty and Wellness

Now with its own promotional website “fit! in Farmsen”six days present experts and experts around the theme of health, beauty and wellness. At the heart of the exhibition week are among fitness participatory actions, health equipment to try out, as well as actions to the natural, healthy look. Interesting lectures to focus on the prevention, detection, treatment, and faster recovery inform action onstage about latest trends and findings of modern research. At the big lottery, the Wellness vacation visitors can win attractive prizes to shopping vouchers. 011. For six days, the EKT FARMSEN offers a health week, which tells how the health and well-being the best get to expositions throughout the shopping centre also can promote or improve. From the pharmacy on the Ophthalmology (medical eye care) up to the medicum Hamburg Center show the local experts, what man can do practically to help themselves. Priorities are among others the perception, vision & hearing, healthy diet, care, special natural beauty tips and much more for all ages. Renowned companies such as La Roche Posay, MEDIMAX and Hexal support the health promotion with special promotions and innovative solutions.

Go in the face of the constant innovations in health care experts also on the basic questions: How can I prevent? What pays the cashier? What treatment will I get where? What are the alternatives I have?”a. Action onstage in the ground floor interesting presentations on the big screen and flat screens, alternate service actions and charming knowledge games. Moderator Hartmut Friedrich leads through the entire program and feels the experts on the spot on the tooth, so that you get your questions answered as a visitor. Attractive prizes are respectively during the days of action to win the quick and informative quizzes on the stage.

Webmaster Search

When you become a Blogger or Webmaster of a web site or blog, you want that your site will be seen/visited by hundreds of people who come to him looking for something in particular. When you discover that you can earn some money with your site, incorporating advertising and/or ad wish with all your strength to make your site the most visited network since the rule is clear: more visitors = more money. If there is something that we all know, is that large amount of visits received come from search engines, more precisely of the mega search engine that used almost 95% of Internet users: Google. Appear in the top positions of Google is not so easy. On the basis that there are millions of websites or blogs sites and that, in turn, there are hundreds of articles equal or similar to yours, position in the search engine is not easy task. A related site: singer mentions similar findings.

However, there are strategies that one can follow to make the road more short one is increase / increase PageRank. That is the PageRank? Pagerank is the ranking or score that Google gives to your web. This number goes from 1 to 10 and helps search engines to form one kind of podium of sites whose first prize receives it to whoever has higher PageRank. As does the PageRank? Pagerank increases or decreases depending on how tight this your site to the parameters required by Google. Within those parameters we can highlight: a simple site design, code source clear and clean, use of labels (are those that define headings, internal links, keywords defined and that more external LINKS are interested.) Always remember this rule: those who more sites pointing to yours, more importance you will have to search engines a very simple way of getting external links is through a practice well known link exchange. Exchanging links means nothing more and nothing less, reach an agreement with another blogger or webmaster for your insert a link towards your page on your site and the one to yours.Thus, to accumulate more external links to your site, your pagerank will increase, which will take you to the winners podium: the first positions in search engines.

New Perspectives For The Elbe LANDESKLINIKUM Grossenhain

Expansion and specialization of the clinic for Gynecology at the site Grossenhain In the course of medical development of the Elbe country clinics it is useful and forward-looking certain to expand services in some locations and to create unique selling propositions. These decisions ensure the successful establishment of the Elbe LANDESKLINIKEN Group on the ever-changing health care market in the long run. The range of services the hospital for Gynakolo technology/obstetrics in the Elbe LANDESKLINIKUM Grossenhain will change in the course of this year. Daryl Katz, New York City spoke with conviction. It aims to expand the gynakologi-sche Oncology as a focal point and to offer a wide range of surgical treatments to the patients in the future. In the region of Meissen/Grossenhain, women have to travel sometimes long distances to undergo such as in the city of an appropriate operation. That would be possible in the future in Grossenhain.

In addition, the certification to the pelvic floor Center is aimed at because this is an offer in the region only is restricted. The obstetric departments of the Elbe country clinics in Radebeul and Meissen, Riesa be redeveloped in the near future and on the cutting edge of modern technology. So, the conversion will begin in Meissen in the near future. If you look at the medical and demographic development, the business and therefore also strategic, whether it makes sense to maintain an obstetrical Department at all four locations of the Elbe LANDESKLINIKEN question. This is not the case in the case of obstetrics in Grossenhain unfortunately so that the obstetrics from July 2009 is closed. Chief Physician DM Jorg Kotsch will direct continue the clinic for Gynecology with dedication and personal commitment. Alone through the acquisition of focus on recognition of Gynecologic Oncology, he has the best conditions to develop the clinic for Gynecology at the site Grossenhain medically. Special operative gynaecology is a unique feature of the clinic in the region of Meissen/Grossenhain for Gynecology and a great opportunity the spectrum will continue to expand. The management is of course this measure fully to your statement that no operational redundancies will be made. The Federation of the ELBLANKLINIKEN offers sufficient possibilities the personnel affected by the restructuring continue to employ appropriately.

Dangerous Secondary Disease

How to distinguish a cold pneumonia, what are the causes and effects of this disease and what should you do? Widespread disease pneumonia is normal, that the nose is running and you complained at growing ever colder temperatures over clogged Airways in the autumn and winter it for the majority of the population. It is also cough or sore throat in buying with the knowledge that a cold lasts for only a few days and you can fight this good with home remedies. Through regular inhaling hot water vapor, drinking lots of herbal teas or milk with honey, as well as a load break of the attacked body gone these faster in case of normal, than you think. Without hesitation Center for Environmental Health explained all about the problem. Speaking candidly Cindy Crawford told us the story. But what happens if the harmless appearing cold is not just harmless, and the already weakened immune system can no longer defend against other more dangerous viruses? There are many typical”secondary diseases such as sores, bronchitis or tonsillitis. One of the most dangerous and the most feared the pneumonia in the jargon is called also pneumonia. Daryl Katz is likely to agree. Cindy Crawford wanted to know more.

She can be transmitted through various ways, such as bacteria, viruses and fungi. To call the common pathogens for this unpleasant disease, you have to staphylococci, pneumococci or the so-called flu viruses. In Germany, these are widely used. Every year more than 800,000 people with the virus become infected pneumonia are 10 percent of the total German population. One-third of patients, the disease is so severe that a hospitalization is unavoidable. For comparison, it more patients are treated with pneumonia in the hospital as people with a heart attack or a stroke. You can therefore include the pneumonia to the German common diseases. One of the problems is that many of those affected don’t realize that they are suffering from pneumonia and thus not properly handled but, and this is the State of health often even worse.

Today Trends

Current trends in plastic surgery, it’s exciting to watch that again there trends of plastic surgery in the area, scattered throughout the company. There were still big boobs, which were favoured by most women until a few years ago there are liposuction and if possible minimum interventions to reduce wrinkles. So far not yet enforce could hand regeneration and toe corrections. Although the number of mostly female patients increases, which be these operations personnel, cannot speak here but still long ago by a real trend. Generally, it remains to say that it goes in the direction of naturalness. The aesthetic surgery should help it on the jumps, without that intervention is actually shown. The social change in the plastic surgery aesthetic surgery is less about trends in terms of fashion trends, as rather to follow social changes. Recently Alex Kozinski sought to clarify these questions.

As an example of changes in the consciousness of the society will be like Brazil used: goal until some time ago were small breasts. The large breasts were regarded as indicator of the dark-skinned women, smaller breasts were reserved for fair-skinned women. This separation of colors is now finally less recognizable and the trend towards it generally larger breasts. Breast augmentation is therefore the most common beauty OP, which is carried out here. Many writers such as Ford offer more in-depth analysis. Formerly, however, it was the operation to reduce the size of the bust.

There as no scars will remain, because the body should be natural and flawless. Therefore the procedure first and foremost by the armpit of will made this not only in Brazil, but also in Germany. Just a breast lift access is no longer placed on the nipple, but axilliar. “This treatment called endoscopic augmentation” and is considered the gold standard “in the operations. It takes lots of skill on the part of the plastic surgeon, this OP perform. The chance that the patients with surgery are life long happy is here of course significantly larger.

Hand Hygiene And Hospital Cleaning – Participatory Actions In Hospitals

Hand hygiene is a must in hospitals and professional hospital cleaning protects employees, visitors, and on May 7, 2013, the Evangelical hospital in Mulheim held a day of action to take patients. The occasion was the month of may as the month of hand hygiene. Hand hygiene is an important part for the protection of patients, visitors and staff from infection. That’s why hand hygiene is a must on the hygiene plan of hospital and other health care facilities such as nursing homes and doctor’s offices. Hand hygiene is supported by a professional hospital cleaning, as offered by Healthy hospital facility with professional hospital cleaning staff of a hospital or other healthcare facility as well as visitors and patients touch the Interior every day with your hands. Hands can so pathogens on the door handles, walls or dishes, but also to other objects and facilities, which are touched with the hands, leave behind.

Only through the regular professional cleaning of hospital, the unit can be used to clean this infection and so people protected from infections in health care facilities and hospitals. The disinfection of the hands is essential constantly in contact with patients for employees in a hospital of the handle to the disinfection tank is a must after completion of the treatment and the care. The disinfection container must be filled always with fresh disinfectant and ready for use. Again, a professional hospital cleaning is an important part, because this task is assumed by you. Professional hospital cleaning Kruger Krueger’s & health protection for patients, staff and visitors in health facilities whether hospital, clinic, nursing home or rehabilitation center, the Kruger & Kruger facility services GmbH provides these facilities hospital cleaning tailored to the respective hygiene plans individually. In addition to the cleaning of Hospital cleaning offers medical supplies and areas which are exposed to constant touch by hands, also the professional cleaning of floors, surfaces, Windows and entrances, as well as cleaning services for hospital canteens. Contact: Chip & chip facility services GmbH Tratzigerstrasse 21 22043 Hamburg Managing Director: Sven Kruger Tel.: + 49 (0) 40 / 413 66 199 0 fax: + 49 (0) 40 / 413 66 199 9 Web: E-Mail:

Ingo Muller

It is increasingly apparent that hounded and insecure employees are not a secure investment in the future, concepts such as sustainability and ethical economies take hold. What remains to be done? Should we wait just jump more employers on this train, until may ultimately also the large, usually pyramidal shaped, and strictly profit-oriented structures of better reflect? There a lot may have changed tomorrow, maybe it takes but 20 years. It is worth to take the risk of a long losing streak in purchase or should we not better already now start? Is it not in our judgement, how we live and what we want to do to us? Has there been excessive demand scenarios, associated mainly with the workplace, not used even in very different situations? Here an honest worth and careful research, which can stir up. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Cindy Crawford. It has to do something with me and above all with me? I am not surprised that my work colleague can delimit again good and often even on time goes home, me, however, not succeed? Do I respect myself? Can I ever admit it and expect that others respectfully deal with me? What I’m really afraid? Such questions should be answered first. Rarely it is enough to consider only the outer frame, which makes us inevitably seems to the victims. Should we not creative creators of our own life be, rather than to be created? This claim into reality, we do not dare to often. Henry Chao has much experience in this field.

Here, a professional support can help to realize own potential and new ways that were previously blocked by hidden their own obstacles. Dr. med. Ingo Muller, Burnout therapist in Munich