Synthetic Life

' Reading the text above, I of bus remembered certain day, not very distant, come, of a great city of the interior of the state, I listened to a colloquy very stranger, who if uncurled between two passengers who travelled soon in the armchair behind minha' '. Recently Tiffany Espensen sought to clarify these questions. He was two young youngsters, of whom they make the young women to suspirarem, blond of blue eyes, of a meter and ninety or, speaking with one sotaque americanizado, but more perfectly understandable one stature raised, perhaps. The colloquy turned on the family of the two, they talked on, as they would go to say the definitive person who, was unaware of part of its infancy, as one of them, it did not remember where had been born, nor of who age its parents. One of them said that only it remembered to have waked up in that hospital, that in, truth was a laboratory. Suddenly it came me the head, a horrible thought; he will be that those youngsters were exactly human, or binicos rubores, or, or knows there what. The trip transcorreu without bigger problems, taking off the hard jolts and catabios provoked for the holes, of asphalt all good ran.

In the landing, what I saw one those young to make I was chocking. One of them after to go down of the bus was ties a wall, pulled a wire of its pocket, in the tip of this had one plug, it threaded in a taking, it took off some thing of the other pocket and threaded in the ear, and it started if to twist as if it was feeling much pain. I astonish in foot looking at everything that, without understanding nothing, followed my way. Later, thinking with calmer, I found that it was to hear music, and with this thought I was to take care of of my life. But now with this I announce already I do not accept more the explanations of my brain saying that those youngsters were to listen to music, not, today I I know that those men were really Clones children without espritos, soul, the blow The holy ghost of GOD, father without mother, without love, total unprovided of feelings. This constatao in scares until today, is very sad when I think that I can is seated to the side of that it does not feel Pain. Because he is son of a Plate mother, Of: Bartolomeu Teixeira Young chicken


Fashion: an ethical reality and aesthetic Joacir Soares d? Abadia* the fashion always is dictated by the creators, the estilistas. Contact information is here: Center for Environmental Health. But this does not fit to say that the fashion does not have limits. In this in case that, the limit of the fashion perpassa all culture, not only for being variant, but over all, for the same limit of the fashion. According to Saussure philosopher, ‘ ‘ the fashion, that fixes our way to dress, is not entirely arbitrary: if humano’ cannot go beyond certain limits of the conditions dictated for the body; ‘. Which is, then, the limits of the fashion? The limits of the fashion are the conditions dictated for the body and the ethics. In this way, if the limit of the fashion is the human body _ in its way to dress _, because models parade naked in some passarelas? The naked, by chance, does not exceed the limits of the fashion? What it is, therefore the fashion? The fashion is an art to cover the naked. It as art ‘ ‘ it obtained to establish a bridge between the beauty and the life. Source: Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta. The fashion is an art that if uses, that it is taken for the street; the one is a consumption art that all have acesso’ ‘ it says philosopher Manuel Fontn de Junco.

This function to dress to cover the naked takes to question me it on until point some aberrations in passarelas are really fashion or if they are something immoral that they are become into redoubts into which ‘ continues to consider the woman as one; ‘ coisa’ ‘ sexual. This coisificao of the present woman in ‘ ‘ world fashion’ ‘ it eliminates completely, not only its transcendental dimension, as the values constitute that them as person. This coisificao can be visualized in diverse contexts, as in the parades of fashion in which ‘ ‘ top models’ ‘ they are ‘ ‘ obrigadas’ ‘ if to adjust to the clothes proposal for the estilista, while it would have to be the opposite, the clothes is that it would have to be adjusted its body. With this, ‘ ‘ top models’ ‘ if they equal or if they lower to the thing, in its conscience and its spirit leaving of side its dignity while person. According to philosopher Ana woollen Sanchez Neita, ‘ ‘ the tracer cannot forget the dignity the person when materialize its creations. The clothes it has that to serve to point out this dignity; therefore they have felt the critical ones that they become to a type of fashion that shows the woman as one objeto’ ‘ , that is, as a thing. The ethical and aesthetic implications that the fashion must excite in the society are: first a respect to the dignity of the person and later educating these people in relation to the fealdade, to the taste I exaggerate for it, the extravagrancy, the disforme and the aggressive one E, finally, to consider the words of the estilista Ted Lapidus on the elegance: ‘ ‘ to know to look at itself with the eyes of outros’ ‘. That is, to dress well consists to not only take in account the particular taste, but before everything, it is necessary to consider the other e, consequentemente, the society which if is inserted.

Supreme Intelligence

Father Our Father, My Father, father of my ancestor, Father of the nature, the universe, animals, small great, visible and invisible. Father of the physical world and spiritual, Father of my feelings, Father of my freedom in going and coming, Father of my emotions, of my balance, Father who you donated intelligence to me enough to win everything and all, Father of my mental facultieses, Father of my yearnings, my life. That you are in the sky, That these in the land, that these in me, in my fellow creature, that these in the breath and expiration, in the cardiac rhythm, the physiological functions, that these in the alimentary chain, that these in the work of the bees, of the ant, in the light encandescente of the sun, in the reflected light of the moon, in the brightness and imensido of the stars, in the presence of the atmospheric gravity, that these in everything and everything these in you, energy that it conducts the life. Santificado is your name. Your saint name, God of Abro, God of Isaac, God of Jac, God of Jesus Christ, Architect of the Universe, supreme Being, Cosmic Force, Dom of life, Anatomist of the beings livings creature, Supreme Intelligence, Simply God, therefore its name does not identify, a time to it who you are not who, and yes what.

Concrete and yes you are not felt. We come your kingdom, Your kingdom of peace, love, respect, of equality, tranquillity, affection, justice, health and prosperity, therefore being the essence of the life, your kingdom could not be different. Either made your will. Your saint will, that is me of the happiness, already here in the land, as it will give to me in the sky, with much peace and love, prosperity and health. The Bread ours of each day, does not leave in to always lack them today and the physical food which we need, as physiological power plant, as the food spiritual, that makes in them to fortify in them strikes physicists and spirituals of this world and the world that in them is not visible, but we feel that it, as part of the experience and the learning, as well as according to application of the intelligence that you endowed in them, extinguished either the absence of food in the table of many of our species.


In this period of training the man would understand that only ' ' True Luz' ' , and not it shade of its consequences, is the cause of everything what it was had before, deturpadamente, as reality. Although proportionate the Metaphysical perception to the man in this period, Plato indicates that the day not yet was findou. With effect, to that the possibility was given of to enxergar the truth has for obligation to lead the chained ones to the Light. Thus, in this ' ' alegoria' ' , Plato instigates the free man to return to the cave to take the knowledge regarding the shades reflected in the walls of the subterranean. However, the men who are there would not understand the affirmations passed for the just fond one of the exterior and would doubt the stories above all what he was seen, placing at risk the proper life of that he transmits such information. Nothing more coherent when we focamos that Scrates was victim of this ignorance told for Plato, condemned to the death for its ideas, and after that, the proper Christ, crucificado for whom they had not obtained to enxergar the Light that happened of its teachings.

2. PAIDEIA AND JESUS Contemporarily, the interpretation of the German philosopher Martin Heideger on ' ' myth of caverna' ' , in the ones of the account of that the transformation of the man by means of what Plato called PAIDEIA, ' ' if it submits to a change in the essence of verdade' '. In other words, it means a reorientation, a process where the dumb man of behavior ' ' that it leads to desabrochar' ' of the proper one to be. This happens for the modeling of the moral attitude, for the redemption of the immortal soul, for the unfolding of the creative forces, for the wakening of solidarity, the respect to the body, or for the combination of these factors.