Supreme Intelligence

Father Our Father, My Father, father of my ancestor, Father of the nature, the universe, animals, small great, visible and invisible. Father of the physical world and spiritual, Father of my feelings, Father of my freedom in going and coming, Father of my emotions, of my balance, Father who you donated intelligence to me enough to win everything and all, Father of my mental facultieses, Father of my yearnings, my life. That you are in the sky, That these in the land, that these in me, in my fellow creature, that these in the breath and expiration, in the cardiac rhythm, the physiological functions, that these in the alimentary chain, that these in the work of the bees, of the ant, in the light encandescente of the sun, in the reflected light of the moon, in the brightness and imensido of the stars, in the presence of the atmospheric gravity, that these in everything and everything these in you, energy that it conducts the life. Santificado is your name. Your saint name, God of Abro, God of Isaac, God of Jac, God of Jesus Christ, Architect of the Universe, supreme Being, Cosmic Force, Dom of life, Anatomist of the beings livings creature, Supreme Intelligence, Simply God, therefore its name does not identify, a time to it who you are not who, and yes what.

Concrete and yes you are not felt. We come your kingdom, Your kingdom of peace, love, respect, of equality, tranquillity, affection, justice, health and prosperity, therefore being the essence of the life, your kingdom could not be different. Either made your will. Your saint will, that is me of the happiness, already here in the land, as it will give to me in the sky, with much peace and love, prosperity and health. The Bread ours of each day, does not leave in to always lack them today and the physical food which we need, as physiological power plant, as the food spiritual, that makes in them to fortify in them strikes physicists and spirituals of this world and the world that in them is not visible, but we feel that it, as part of the experience and the learning, as well as according to application of the intelligence that you endowed in them, extinguished either the absence of food in the table of many of our species.

Latin Americans

They are exactly these differentiated objectives that make the religious associativimo/ativismo to have one appeal together greater the peripheral communities where they are the minor extracts purchasing power of the society (bolses of poverty). Test of this, is that statistical the majority of the members of the supplied classrooms more prefers other species of associativismo that not religious it, as for example the political parties professional, associations etc. Outrossim, the experience has demonstrated that the religious associativismo has been most succeeded in its demands of what its other cited similars already. Of this done one, the politician-economic associations finish having one weight more preponderant in the middle classes and high (rich). The ativismo/associativismo of religious character if constitutes in an efficient brake the passions human beings in the peripheries, consolidating the social peace in an environment of poverty and necessity that of another form would not be possible, therefore it obtains to brighten up the social revolts and to ahead provide to all a feeling of conformismo of the vicissitudes of the life, based on the hope of a better life in the future due the belief in the favours and same in the mercy of God or the worse one of the hypotheses, in one another life (beyond/paradise), everything this anchored strong in an ideological system so to speak of you reward/punishments orquestradas for ‘ ‘ supreme architect of universo’ ‘ (God). The religious associativismo also is a strong factor of changes in the society, in special in Latin America, because this together with locks up Africa the contingent greaters of poor persons and villains, but in virtue of the religiosidade to not only have a great weight less enters the Latin Americans with bigger intensity in the portioned layers.

Test of this acertiva is the organized social movements, as the eclesiais Communities of base (CEBs), the jail pastorais, of the ones without ceiling etc. An excellent and successful sample of this in Latin America is the MST (movement of the ones without land) in Brazil, whose social repercussion and in the media is constant and huge. Consubstanciadas the social activities of religious matrix under the heading of religious associativismo, not obstante give an inestimable service under the most diverse aspects in the communities of the periphery (of the great cities), which we prevent here to call of slum quarters for identifying in this word one strong pejorativa load and of same descriminao, without speaking not to take care of to the scientific severity, they finish for turvar the vision of the individuals how much the reality encircles that them, involving them in an theological-ideological teia approaches that them to the holy ghost, as much it moves away how much it from the concrete exterior world. In all way, the truth is that if it was not the religious ativismo in its more diverse modalities, the reality would be well rawer and unjust of what the one that this being, the positive aspects surpass there, thus in very the negatives that is, the benefits of the religious associativismo are infinitely superior to the curses that possibly it can cause as now pointed.


In this period of training the man would understand that only ' ' True Luz' ' , and not it shade of its consequences, is the cause of everything what it was had before, deturpadamente, as reality. Although proportionate the Metaphysical perception to the man in this period, Plato indicates that the day not yet was findou. With effect, to that the possibility was given of to enxergar the truth has for obligation to lead the chained ones to the Light. Thus, in this ' ' alegoria' ' , Plato instigates the free man to return to the cave to take the knowledge regarding the shades reflected in the walls of the subterranean. However, the men who are there would not understand the affirmations passed for the just fond one of the exterior and would doubt the stories above all what he was seen, placing at risk the proper life of that he transmits such information. Nothing more coherent when we focamos that Scrates was victim of this ignorance told for Plato, condemned to the death for its ideas, and after that, the proper Christ, crucificado for whom they had not obtained to enxergar the Light that happened of its teachings.

2. PAIDEIA AND JESUS Contemporarily, the interpretation of the German philosopher Martin Heideger on ' ' myth of caverna' ' , in the ones of the account of that the transformation of the man by means of what Plato called PAIDEIA, ' ' if it submits to a change in the essence of verdade' '. In other words, it means a reorientation, a process where the dumb man of behavior ' ' that it leads to desabrochar' ' of the proper one to be. This happens for the modeling of the moral attitude, for the redemption of the immortal soul, for the unfolding of the creative forces, for the wakening of solidarity, the respect to the body, or for the combination of these factors.

Spoiling The Death

Damaging to death is one of the strongest magic of actions aimed at destroying the magic of his enemy, or who in the opinion of the person, suggestive damage to his death, he was a hindrance. Difficult to talk about moral principles the person doing the damage to death, as well as discuss any other magical act aimed at creating problems to your neighbor, but this happens in a magical practice. Spoiling for death is an expression of the evil, negativity, anger, all the negative emotions that have accumulated in the one who did damage to his death. But not negative emotions and create damage to death, and targeted a magical effect that has certain characteristics and consequences. Go to one of these signs include a total and permanent bad luck getting people into trouble. People say "about attracts trouble." Yes, that can be said about unlucky person, but if these cases end in injury if a person is often enough and not on their own is on the verge of death, we can assume the presence of damage to death.

Another important sign of damage to their death can be spontaneous emergence of serious diseases that are not diagnosed or treated by modern medicine. Man begins to fade in his eyes and nothing can help him. There is also a list of signs of damage to their death can be attributed the absolute apathy of human reluctance to live and fight. He becomes indifferent to his loved ones, family and work. He often seek to be alone, thinking about something. Seeing these characters can speak, or that a person serious psychological problems, or he was subjected to such influence as the damage to his death.

Certainly, signs of damage to his death should motivate you to make to help the person to explain what is happening. Having diagnosed damage you can strengthen or refute their hypothesis. But it's important not to forget that the damage to his death, in addition to a magical component, has also a psychological one. Take care of the person, apply all efforts so that he was easier, and then you can find a way out of this situation.