Educational Fun for Kids

This may be puppets, various designers, toys subject-role-playing games, creativity kits, mosaics, counting stuff, etc. At this age a child can begin to prepare for school and do this through games and developmental toys to get interesting and useful! For children primary school-age approach is more complicated for the content of toys, designers, puzzles, etc. Toys need not be much, as long as they were diverse in meaning, purpose, materials. It must be remembered that the toys – this is a wonderful occasion and hanging out with the baby. Need in the game lies in the child of nature. This is a natural state for him. He so knows the world, express themselves, their thoughts, feelings, needs. Through games children communicate with each other.

Games are very important for the formation and development of the child. The problem of adults – arrange for the child play, give the opportunity to express themselves fully, to help him to understand the world in all its diversity, to make his first discovery. If you want to be friends with your child – playing with him. Because children matter to our attention and our love! How to play with fun toys? It is important interest of the child a toy at first "acquaintance". It often happens that the toy is really like parents, but for some reason the kid did not impress. Can have multiple reasons: – Firstly, baby, this toy is not suitable for age, in this case it is better to remove at any time and offer the kid later – and second, parents often give a toy and the kid just does not know how to play with her and there must be participation of adults in the game – in Third, Such a situation may arise if the choice of toys are not considered particularly the child's preferences.

To toy with time the child is not tired of it should be removed to a special and prominent place, but better that the child himself could not get it. Play, of course, it is necessary only when the child himself wants it. In no case do not compel a child. If a child plays the game is not on the instructions, and invents his own version – It is very good, right child shows an unusual approach. In the game encourage independence of the child, do not suggest to him ready-made solution or scenario games. Remember that the child can not be long concentrate on one activity, no need of it to claim it.

Giving to our Kids

Recently, I had to talk to several young mothers interested in the Kabbalah. And what was my surprise when all of them in one voice saying that their kids from the first time showed himself as an independent personality. 'It was like a container and a nurse – I was seated in a child, I endured it, as he reproduce his dairy baby food, bathe, walk, but he is completely separate from my being. With character, his way. It only takes me to what I shall give him. Can you imagine? " – They told me. And I was surprised remembered another friend who knew nothing about Kabbalah, but which with the same enthusiasm the opening said: "My baby – my part.

He's all mine, I know him thought that he needed to, I feel it in the distance. It will be my most beautiful and intelligent. " Of course for each woman to her child – the most-most. There's nothing you can do about it – nature has us in the maternal instincts that make her blind love my child. But it seemed to me that after all there is a difference in perception.

A woman who has at least a little knowledgeable about what's inside the Upper World, as developing people, and being in search of herself, sees her child, not as property but as a person. Do not want to detract from the traditional values of motherhood, but watching mom-possessive relationship to the younger children, I always thought about what we parents do in fact distorts the lives of their children. Here we assume parents gave birth to a child and start to sculpt it for themselves. For example, a mother in childhood, always jealous of her friend, carrying a musical file. And now her child, thanks to my mother's childhood memories, drags on the hated solfege, while most of all he wants to embroider cross. The essence of the comments that we subconsciously lepim of the children themselves, but rather require them to realize our ambitions failed.

Dentistry for Kids

No normal parent does not want to harm her child. And more often tries to do everything so that my child grow up healthy and happy. But, unfortunately, be a parent, we never learn. There are some nuggets that impose literature or buried in the Internet search engines, trying to restore the necessary information and at the very least, no loss, bring the child to adulthood. But there are parents who do not like to read or study and love to listen to the grandmothers at the entrance. These grandmothers always know everything from the timing of teething and ending with the rules of democracy-building in Brazil, and often give advice from the medieval past, frankly damaging to children, such as' treat baby teeth do not need anyway will fall out.

" In the last article I wrote about why it is necessary to treat baby teeth and how important it is to endure them until the change of teeth, so as not to place strain bite. In this article is to discuss and directly opposite! Likewise, it is important to hold on baby teeth until the eruption of the permanent, it is important and timely loss of deciduous teeth. Increasingly, dentists observe patients who at the age of thirty to fifty years, still stands milk tooth. What is bad, it would seem? Well, it is worth and let the stands. But no, nature does not like any deviation from the norm. Any deviation is to the detriment of the body.


I'm thinking if the cancer is not an attitude counterphobic in which the fear of death and be eaten by worms leads to generate our own worms to be authorized to devour us, like a kind of envy that we eats (meat-eating). I sometimes say in a histrionic attitude to those who want to hear me, we have to enjoy life and hand beat the worms. More recently invented the idea that we all end up corrupting some begin only before his death. With this auction I intend to refer to the corrupt and immoral, but now I'm thinking it also starts to rot before they die those with a cancer that is eating (corrupt) internally. This would be a defensive posture because we are saving your body from being eaten by others ("predators?) It is selfish because we prefer to kill us, eating us to allow a larger life and let the worms are fed with our body, is an attitude Love yourself because there is so much we we would rather eat and say metaphorically that we would all love to eat this love that we show how we feel like (I'm thinking for example that mom delighted with her baby, kiss the feet of him with such passion that you feel tempted to eat them … but the principle of reality and sanity makes it stop in time). On the origin of cancer there are many hypotheses, but none is confirmed, except on the side that I find statistically reliable. Someone may feel very confident saying that smoking is a carcinogen infallible and I can respond with the same firmness that those who love the point of self-devouring might be very tempted to smoke (eg because they are people who have the overwhelming desire to devour like a snake swallows its tail and, as an interim step, wants something concrete cigarette smoke).

Perhaps smokers crave self-devouring as explained earlier in this article, but only reach the aspiration to act and therefore do smoke, but could someday move to the stage to really want to get it to eat themselves that tissue generating own and unconsciously foolish but loved. So it's not that smoking is the cause of cancer it is normal that some people who want to win hands with the worms that eat your body when you die, start out with only the aspiration. I apply my greatest amount of energy to Lacanian psychoanalysis because I am sure that with this scientific art you can enable the development of skills that we all have potential. I reason like this: Being rich is about helping others and being poor is for others to help us. Therefore: I do not want to be rich to be poor.