Dentistry for Kids

No normal parent does not want to harm her child. And more often tries to do everything so that my child grow up healthy and happy. But, unfortunately, be a parent, we never learn. There are some nuggets that impose literature or buried in the Internet search engines, trying to restore the necessary information and at the very least, no loss, bring the child to adulthood. But there are parents who do not like to read or study and love to listen to the grandmothers at the entrance. These grandmothers always know everything from the timing of teething and ending with the rules of democracy-building in Brazil, and often give advice from the medieval past, frankly damaging to children, such as' treat baby teeth do not need anyway will fall out.

" In the last article I wrote about why it is necessary to treat baby teeth and how important it is to endure them until the change of teeth, so as not to place strain bite. In this article is to discuss and directly opposite! Likewise, it is important to hold on baby teeth until the eruption of the permanent, it is important and timely loss of deciduous teeth. Increasingly, dentists observe patients who at the age of thirty to fifty years, still stands milk tooth. What is bad, it would seem? Well, it is worth and let the stands. But no, nature does not like any deviation from the norm. Any deviation is to the detriment of the body.