Family Health

Two modalities of NASF, NASF 1 exist that it must be entailed of 08 the 20 teams health of the family and to at least contain five professionals of superior level (Psychologist, social, Pharmaceutical Assistant, Physiotherapist, Fonoaudilogo, Physical Educator, Nutritionist, occupational Therapist, Doctors who act in the area of gynecology, homeopatia, acumpunturista, pediatra and psychiatrist). NASF 2 that it is of the minimum 03 teams health of the family, must contain the minimum amount of three professionals of superior level (social Assistant, Physical, Pharmaceutical Educator, Fonoaudilogo, Nutritionist, Psychologist and occupational Therapist. It is forbidden to the creation them two modalities at the same time in the cities and the Federal District. Professional of the area of mental health sends regards at least 01 to give assistance next to the NASF for the fact of the many patients who need the same one (BRAZIL, 2010). 1,6 MENTAL HEALTH AND ITS POLITICS IN the PRIMARY ATTENTION the National Politics of Mental Health supported by the Law n 10,216/02, has as objective, to consolidate a model of attention to the mental and communitarian open health, with specialized centers more as the Center of Apoio Therapeutical Psicossocial (CAPS), Residential Services (SRT), Centers of Convivncia and Cultura beyond General Hospitals, CAPS III and the Program in return for House. The CAPS is one of the main specialized centers, and its expansion is demonstrated in Figure 1 (BRAZIL, 2009).

Figure 1? Expansion of the CAPS of 1998 the 2010 Source: Available in: . Access in 29 of Set. of 2010. Until the decade of 70, the mental health in Brazil was exerted of privatizante, hospitalocntrica and cronificadora form of the psychic suffering. The patient/customer ahead of such situation, does not obtain to evolve in productive way for the fact of, to remain much interned time what she finished even though making it difficult its treatment and, the creation of affective bonds with the family and, mainly, the community.