Perhaps none of the animals in the wild, does not cause a person of such positive emotions, which causes the protein. It is one thing – a cat or dog, which have become commonplace in urban apartments and private homes, and quite Other – furry forest creature, still remembered by Pushkin's fairy tale magic ability to sing songs and nibble peanuts. And not just a pet, even if living with you in the same room, will be boldly and demanded to take even food right out of the hands of the owner. Proteins in the nature of the residents of many Russian cities proteins known to walks in local parks. And there is no greater joy for the kids than spotted somewhere in the branches of pine trees beloved Fluffy caudate, long compressible lure in a small palm nuts, and watch as a creature with gratitude the hospitality. Proteins are friendly, curious and very beautiful. And, perhaps, these qualities have wonderful rodents national favorites.

Tamed proteins absolutely not afraid of people, and, most importantly, offered a meal they will take in any amount: thrifty protein extracted edible hiding values in different forest and park alleys, sung by many writers, naturalists. And some scientists believe that this is the thrift, coupled with not the best memory contributes to the survival of green plants, because proteins often carry the seeds and Nuts to an impressive distance. Sometimes they can not find the hidden, and in spring the fruit trees and shrubs grow in the new location.