Questions on the importance of the DNA in the current days demonstrate that the participants of Group G2CA relate the DNA with transgnicos, more nutritional improvement of foods, foods what it becomes well-known that the same ones had appropriated of the word, but not of the concept. Exactly not if appropriating of the word, the participants of Group G2CA had changed its conceptions on Biotechnology when compared with group G1CA where the majority did not know to answer to this question. Beyond the questionings cited on biotechnology the participants had been instigated to answer on Biotica. The participants of Group G2CA had related the Biotica with the expressions ‘ ‘ behavior humana’ ‘ with 35% of frequency and ‘ ‘ groups of pessoas’ ‘ with 10%, while in Group G1CA all the participants had not known to answer this question.

The participants of Group G2CA had answered on the importance of the Biotica in the Biotechnology where they had used the expressions ‘ ‘ Paper to observe and to take care of so that the transformations are beneficial it to be humano’ ‘ ‘ ‘ To identify as the changes will go in afetar’ ‘ , while all the participants of Group G1CA had not known or they had not answered to the investigated question. The results disclose that the participants of Group G2CA had presented in correct and sufficiently pertinent way the importance of Biotica in the Biotechnology. In a generalized manner, it can be concluded that the constructions of activities had contributed in significant way so that the participants it Group G2CA, after-test, had agreement on Ensino de Biotecnologia in discipline of chemistry. With these activities and to break of situations problem, the participants had revealed motivated and interested on the biotechnological processes associating the advances of this science with the reality. He also observed himself that the more descriptive participants had assumen themselves of a scientific writing becoming in relation its answers.