Real Attraction

This question, sounds almost like a scientific question, and we started to analyse and try to understand this whole subject of attraction and seduction. This article which I am presenting today is an analysis of a reading which perform guru more big there in the seduction community, and is the father of the whole movement of the dating and the spike in United States. Ross Jefries. As some already know one of the great qualities that makes that Ross is listed as the father of the Dating and the PUA, is that he is an expert in NLP (Neurolinguistic programming) and is also an expert who has more than 20 years in the field of helping men learn the real attraction and seduction. Ross says, that the majority of men, not to say all, when you think about a woman, think in can how to make that girl is set in my? How to make that girl you feel attracted to my? How to make so that girl goes to bed with me? The men we worry about the behavior of women, situation that’s okay. But beyond the behavior, the main secret to learn how to generate attraction, is: which are the States emotional that I want that this woman experiment when this CONMIGO those emotions that you experience a woman, it dictates the behavior that will take before a person or situation. Women, are not aware of their internal States, they only know or feel some reactions at body level.

The real attraction what it really means, is the following: what are the emotional states that I that she associates with me? Here by that being the good guy is not good. When you’re the good guy, believe in them the following States: relative comfort, joy and even boredom. Here’s why the player is not good. When you’re a player, you create the following States therein: Lust, passion, wish.