PAL Dragos: Bindegewebsschwache Syndrome

Bindegewebsschwache syndrome – obesity as compensation obesity in the population considered rising threat in the health care sector. In Germany, also about 2 million children are affected. The most common medical measures are movement, change of diet (diet plans), and calorie reduction. This is taken into account in research hardly, that 70% of obesity sufferers a massive Bindegewebsschwache is about. I’m talking here about a syndrome because the weakness may have different causes. Is crucial so that obesity often develops as a symptom of result in the sense of a compensation of the Bindegewebsschwache. Instead to take account of this crucial context, feelings of guilt are chased up the sick, they would have to eat less, they were willed and probably too greedy.

No wonder that many of the medical measures against obesity fail because doctored around only on the symptom, rather than the deeper cause”to take into account. In conventional medicine, there are hardly adequate strategies for an exploration of a Bindegewebsschwache. A successful treatment must take into account the forces of the patient. The forces of the connective tissue is also about their participation in the cosmic forces. This ability is most developed child aged up to 7 years of age and can be disturbed in later age for various reasons. Only natural access to the human body is not the way for the power condition of connective tissues. I would like to suggest not taking these relationships with a parable: an architect who strives for the renovation of a house without taking into account the swampy ground, on which the House was built, will have no lasting success with his efforts. The author is a homeopathic physician and directs the growth trend research: to the targeted strengthening of connective tissue with the help the Sun fitness”read also: PAL Dragos:”Fitness without unhealthy – what does Sun fitness?