Metabolic Fat

Instead, focus on greater resistance exercises that actually stimulate much more the muscle fibers. An example of abdominal exercise with greater resistance is the elevation of legs, hanging, with a correct pelvic flexion. It is also advisable to carry out movements of rotation, as well as working the deeper muscles, such as the transverse of the abdomen. Metabolic and hormonal response there is the deeply ingrained belief that the burning of body fat is directly related with the calories we consume to either the time of eating or that we consume through the exercise. But in reality the burning of long term we will get by medium to stimulate greater metabolic response in the body, thus the best metabolic and hormonal response is achieved through training of variable intensity and strength training. If someone is in bad shape and can not withstand high intensity exercise routines, can do low intensity routines, but alternating between major and minor in all training effort levels. Power No need to exaggerate with eating few carbohydrates or low in fat or anything else to lose weight until the abdominal muscles are visible.

Balance is the key to success, along with a diet that is composed of foods of high density of nutrients in their natural state (the less processed as possible). Eat good quality protein has a large thermal effect to burn fat and on the other hand also causes satiety for longer. Fiber should be present in the power supply and on the other hand it is necessary to avoid sugars and refined grains are one of the main reasons why so many people struggle with abdominal fat. For more information about Mike Geary and his book in Spanish visit the truth about the perfect abdominals.