Fairytale France – A Recognized Lying

Paris and France – is not only a subtle perfume and fashion shows – it is also a unique historical monuments, the most famous museums in the world and much more. In the words of a classic – "to see Paris and die", yes, France – is particular country, which leaves no one indifferent. In Paris, of course, there is something to see, in addition to the classic Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and the Louvre Museum here, there are many other equally fascinating and rare historical monuments, for example Loire Valley with its magnificent medieval castles, palaces: Blois, Cheverny, Chambord, Chaumont-sur-Loire, Amboise, Chenonceau, Langeais, Azay-le-Rideau, Villandry, Valanse, and Angers. Taste French cuisine and famous wines – welcome to France. Paris – it's all the acknowledged center of fashion, it is not surprising that it was here at every turn there are trendy clothing stores.

Here, any find for himself what he had long dreamed of, and prices? Price fully meets the quality, but it is possible to pick up the goods for all budgets. Read additional details here: Gunnar Peterson. Today, in the early twenty-first century, the city could keep its old medieval Center, which includes such masterpieces of world culture, as Notre Dame and the Sorbonne University, Champs Elysees and Opera. Of course, that the modern city has grown greatly and is unlike the one in Paris, as he is have seen a few centuries ago. The ideal time to travel to Paris – it's spring and early fall. Paris is beautiful at any time when you would not come, therefore, for the tourism season does not matter.

Cave Diving: Cave Orda

Text: Pauline USHAKOVA For anyone seriously carried away diving, cave Orda becomes a kind of Mecca. The cave is incredibly beautiful and mysterious, its secrets and open only to the elite – people who have reached certain skill dives and gained considerable experience in the luggage. You may wish to learn more. If so, Smart Sites is the place to go. Caveman Before each diver is the goal not only to dive, but also come up. Underwater diving is always associated with risk, but risk is increased in many times, when it comes to Cave diving (from the English cave – a cave). It is believed that all cave divers sit on the 'adrenaline needle' and can not live without a cocktail of feelings that gives the 'cave' dive – a mixture of constant danger, suspense, excitement and passion of the pioneer. Further details can be found at actress, an internet resource. It sounds incredibly tempting, but before you venture on an expedition into the cave, you need to carefully prepare for a long time. 'Tourists' (without the special divers training, for example, those who took only courses OWD) dives into the cave is strictly not recommended. Because the absence of experience, inability to deal with their own equipment and not knowing how to behave in emergency situations chances to successfully complete the expedition close to zero. After all, before every diver should not just aim to dive, but we must be able to vynyrnut.Chto diving Any wrong move will lead to the fact that the visibility will drop to zero. The claim that we must be able to use the equipment, not self-evident.

North Caucasus

The question – where you can relax in Russia? I would say – not bad for the North Caucasus region of our country. Was there a short time, while serving in the army, the republic of Chechnya. I am pleased to have again visited the place. It hurts so nice there – Mountains, forests, country Highlanders. We traveled there through the republic of Dagestan – the city of Khasavyurt. Next on the trucks to the camp, which was located at a height, near Shali. a great source of information.

The first few days had to adapt to there the atmosphere. Is right to say to the air pressure I guess. The first morning – like a hangover. Swarmed by offers, Anders M Tomson is currently assessing future choices. His head ached, but it is 2-3 days. In what feels so good. Fresh mountain air and the beauty around you.

Village at the camp, and the snow-capped mountains behind. That's all in fact it was so beautiful. Forests amazing – it consists of some bushes, then trees. Mixed deciduous – consisting of beeches, oaks, and various other trees. Roam the mountainous terrain requires certain skills climbing in the mountains. Often meet walnut walnut. They are there very few people apparently collects, so we stuffed them in the fall. Can be found from the time the fighting various parts of the home base, with trenches and underground bases militants, which have survived only a roof. By the way, these bases are actually insurgents admiration. Warm home underground, no one was visible from the outside during the war. The most amazing thing in these places can be a month for three times feel the winter, spring and three times three times the autumn. But this concerns the winter. Changeable weather. A couple of days and all the heat is melting, more like a night can namsti snow, then again all melted, then dull autumn days. Here this cycle is probably from December to March. Road course in the mountains, not asphalt, and dirt galore. And if you ever go down that road cars – it's such glinolin. Just the river here is very fast. It is difficult to pass the ford, when he stood on the road. It is also painfully steep uphill climb in, if it is high. You get tired quickly. Closer to the heights, there is generally good. Verney took height and provides an exquisite space. The feeling when the clouds under you. So it is. In the morning you see around the ground where you stand around like the sea, far away islands, whose role is played by sticking the mountain. He did not say the most important thing. Hunting for wild boar. They are there so many, and they wander about like a flock of cows. At night, stopping anywhere else, you can hear as they pass by his crowd, grunting. If you successfully take the path, then every night they pass through it at about the same time. There I first tried kabanyatinu. Honestly anywhere else and never tried it. The meat is excellent. Differs from pork. Do not even know what. But the difference is felt. Here I am wondering to B then, and someone there to hunt them? After all, Muslims do not eat, I think kabanyatinu as and pork. Not a bad idea to have a house in the mountains, and go from there to relax and rare hunting. I would just in Chechnya, in the depths of the mountains, would be a hunting lodge, and gladly went once a year for a week to combine hunting and travel.

Hong Kong

BANYAN TREE LIJANG resort in Lijiang offers a number of specialized procedures for rejuvenation and recovery of the organism. Men will enjoy the program, Vigour, which in addition to the standard procedures include massage, facials and shaving, and women should always try to massage and wrap program Cherish. One of the best SPA-hotels China – Chi Spa at Beijing. This is a modern interpretation of the Tibetan temple with wooden buildings. Here, practice 11 individual programs, which include water treatment, the Himalayan healing massage, stone therapy.

Open in the past in Hong Kong THE PENINSULA SPA BY ESPA offers 14 rooms for spa treatments. Treatment is carried out on the best traditions of both Eastern and Western medicine. Steam like "hammam", saunas, showers, aromatherapy and various kinds of room for relaxation able to return to good spirits, purify and rejuvenate the skin, lighten the mood. Indonesia Indonesia will give a real relaxing holiday for all those who need it. BULGARI RESORT Hotel in Bali offers all the features for meditation, yoga, spa treatment procedures. "Firm" offer an unforgettable Double Bulgari Royal Lulur – a range of services for two. Four experienced specialist will conduct a complete health program that includes massages, body wraps, aromatherapy. Thailand vacationing in Thailand, we can not take the opportunity to restore health with spa treatments. Located in the heart of Bangkok THE BAAN THAI WELLNESS RETREAT offers guests a wide range of programs that include meditation, yoga, pilates and treatment products and Sundari course of homeopathy.