Choice of products vary up to 33 points according to the string buy on-line: between 24% and 45% cheaper than branded white ADECES (Asociacion pro civil rights economic and social) has examinado1 the diversity of products, both in its version of white markings as the manufacturer, and the costs of the purchase on-line from 31 products in seven food chains. The study shows that the on-line purchase is between 24% and 45% cheaper with white markings. Also be observed that, at least for this basket, choice of consumers vary up to 33 points. To provide a true reflection of reality, completed a joint purchase of brands; procedure in which are replaced, if it is necessary, and at the lowest cost, lack of products by others with the same characteristics (whether brand or manufacturer). To complete the analysis has been a homogeneous purchase according to type of marks. In this option the user tries to acquire the largest number of products in the basket in each type of marks, without replacing the deficiencies found, if any. In both procedures the lowest cost product is selected, offers are not included and the same reference (litres, kilograms, dozens) units are used.

Review draws the following conclusions: the average percentage of white brands products stands at 84% and the party at 94%. Four strings (Alcampo, Condis, El Corte Ingles and Hipercor) can be purchased all the basket in brands of manufacturers products. With 71% Mercadona and Carrefour (87%), are the chains with a greater deficit in brands of manufacturers. For this type of purchase, Alcampo (96) has the lowest cost. Conversely, El Corte Ingles, is the most expensive (123), i.e., a difference of 29%. No chain offers white label 31 products in the list.

Which provide more products of this type are Alcampo (94%) and Mercadona (90%). El Corte Ingles and Hipercor with more than 70% are those that have less percentage. The product of the list with minor presence of white mark is sugar, Carrefour has only this possibility. Followed by diapers. Alcampo, consequently is the string that provides greater choice to consumers, both in its aspect of white mark (94 per cent) and manufacturers (100%). Follow him at Eroski with 90% and 97% respectively. Mercadona offers less diversity with 33 points of difference. The amount of the purchase online-mixed marks (the one that if necessary there is substitution of products from brands or manufacturers) recorded differences ranging from 24% to 45%, depending on the chain where is carried out. For this type of purchase, the maximum price difference between chains in white markings, is 36%. In manufacturer’s brands is 31%. These maximum differences occur between Mercadona Condis for the white mark and Mercadona and el Corte Ingles in the mixed purchase of brands manufacturers. The average cost of the shopping basket on-line co-ed for 31 products, acquiring brands, is 77. Below the average are Mercadona, Alcampo and Eroski, with amounts between 65 and 70. For manufacturer’s brands average is 105. They exceed the average Hipercor (115) and El Corte Ingles (123) and are placed near her, Carrefour and Condis with 101 and 111 respectively. For more information: Carmen Rodriguez 914667051 655319004 source: press release sent by Adeces.