Advice For Women On Hair Care Beauty

Women take care of their appearance and perhaps the most important aspect is your hair. Therefore, when a new product appears on the market promising to have the secret to the perfect hair all want, many women are buying it. According to statistics from Global Marketing Development Center, Latin women spend 50 percent more in products for hair care than other American women. But stylist Robert Ramos, says that while some products for hair care, shampoo, are necessary for the settlement day, the secret to hair strong, healthy and shiny is through proper nutrition which includes the consumption of milk …. “Many people associate correctly milk with strong bones,” said Ramos, a stylist from actors like Jessica Alba and Eva Mendes.

“But some people do not know that milk is also one of the best kept beauty secrets that helps hair strong, healthy and shiny. Beauty begins with proper nutrition and the milk contains proteins and nutrients to the hair look better every day. “Nutrients in milk that help the hair Proteins and lipids. They work together to strengthen the hair. Vitamin A. Generates a substance sebum on the scalp healthy.

Biotin. Useful to prevent hair loss. Vitamin B6. Produces melanin, responsible for hair color. Calcium. Promotes healthy growth and prevents hair loss. Iodine. Prevents hair from drying out. Magnesium. Stimulates hair growth. Potassium. Strengthens the hair, making it flexible, and regulates the movement. 5 tips for a healthy hair. Eat a balanced diet. Your diet should include lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and milk. These foods are rich in vitamins and minerals, like vitamin B6, vitamin E, iron and antioxidants, all important to have beautiful hair. 2. Drink milk. Hair has more than 90% pure protein, and milk is a great source of this nutrient that develops its strength. A glass of low fat milk contains 10g of protein. 3. Avoid sweets and foods high in saturated fat. Foods with excessive amounts of fat can become greasy scalp. 4. Choose the right product to wash your hair. Find a shampoo that does not contain sodium laurel sulfate or ingredient sodium laureth sulfate. Both agents can dry hair. 5. Stay hydrated. If you will be exposed to the sun or in a pool with water containing chlorine, remember to drink plenty of fluids to keep hydrated your body and hair. Information courtesy of the Board of the California Milk Processors, the creators of GOT MILK?