Blood pressure control reduces the likelihood of maternal complications and . for weight gain. On the 16 th week of pregnancy is weight gain, with 23 – 24-week gain of 200 g per week, and from 29 th week of no more than 300 – 350 g. One week before the birth weight is usually reduced to 1 kg, due to the loss of fluid fabrics. Throughout the pregnancy weight should increase by about 10 kg (at the expense of fetal weight, amniotic fluid and placenta). Swarmed by offers, Senator From Kentucky is currently assessing future choices. Measuring the size and shape of the pelvis tazRazmery are important for generic process and are subject to measurement and evaluation of all beremennyh.konsultatsiya therapist, endocrinologist, ophthalmologist, otolaryngologist, and the need to do an electrocardiogram (ECG). Therapist – 2 times, optometrist, audiologist, dentist, endocrinologist – 1 times.

In the future – when indicated, other professionals – may be needed. 7-10 days 10-nedelOsmotr obstetrician-gynecologist (measurement of blood pressure, weight) Definition of tactics in light of the pregnant analysis and conclusions from other spetsialistov.Analiz mochiPoyavlenie protein in the urine of pregnant women may be the initial sign of toxicity. 12 nedelOsmotr obstetrician-gynecologist (measurement of blood pressure, weight) Analysis of the urine gives mochiAnaliz idea about the state of the kidneys, and the exchange of other organs and tissues and the body tselom.UZI (screening) in the period of 10-14 weeks. To clarify the gestational age and nuchal translucency thickness measurement (normal – up to 2 mm; increase up to and over 3 mm is a sign of Down syndrome). .

Singing Flowers

November 16, 2010, Moscow – Company New Project Line is a unique service called The Singing Flowers – delivering a bouquet of flowers with the established musical unit. Buyers can order online online store bouquet of flowers and choose for him music (message) from the directory. Melody is written on a musical unit that plugs into the composition. The recipient receives an unusual gift from the courier notified musical message in a bouquet and a key play. Cindy Crawford can aid you in your search for knowledge. Musical accompaniment can listen to an unlimited number of times, as the playback device is equipped with a rechargeable battery.

Innovative service is unparalleled in the world, so when you refill the music catalog of works by Russian authors prioritized mental-emotional music. To date, the catalog features the famous composition by Alexei Rybnikov, Gennadiy Gladkov, Eduard Artemyev, Alexander Zatsepin, Michael Tariverdiev. However, New Project Line welcomes new writers and artists that offer innovative business model. The project proposes Singing Flowers payment to the authors, artists and copyright holders of music that will be added to the catalog and in demand among the target audience. The cost of music content is determined composer alone, with the payment goes directly to the author. Thus, the company New Project Line offers its authors and performers a kind of advertising and trade platform based on its online store. The founder of the online store Singing flowers Vladimir Tyuzhin speaks about the development of the project: “The company New Project Line does not preclude the success and future development of innovations in the near future when new music hits are debut at the online store of Singing Flowers. Admirers can purchase and donate a new hit with the voice signature of the Executive. ” Contact: Olga Demina Lead Sound Manager E-mail: Tel: +7 (495) 223-63-26 Site: 16 November 2010, Moscow – Company New Project Line is a unique service called The Singing Flowers – delivering a bouquet of flowers with the established musical unit.

Body Temperature

Basal Body Temperature (BBT) – is the temperature, measured in the morning, immediately after waking, before the rise of bed, rectally. For greater certainty, this temperature is desirable to schedule at least three months. Begin to measure the temperature is on the first day of the menstrual cycle. When the day ovulation precisely defined, then it is possible and to meet with the chosen donor. If you plan to carry out insemination using donor sperm alone, please be aware that at home sperm can not be properly freeze (as is done in clinics), as well as the active properties of sperm preserved in only two hours after ejaculation, and even then, in conditions close to the temperature, humidity and acidity of the human body, insemination should be carried out without delay, preferably immediately upon receipt of donated sperm. Step by step recommendations on artificial insemination at home. * This procedure can be performed alone, but presence and help your partner not only simplify the procedure itself, but it will be useful psychologically.

For the procedure you will need: 10 ml syringe (without needle), sterile dry container to collect the ejaculate (come container for passing tests – also sold the pharmacy) Sterile disposable vaginal speculum (optional) Procedure: 1. First, the donor must ejaculate sperm in pre-prepared container. 2. Wait until the sperm slightly liquefying. It usually takes okolo10-20 minutes. At this time you can prepare for the procedure. 3. If you decide to use vaginal speculum, use a little lubricant to enter the extender.

Enter vaginal speculum angled 45 degrees, slightly tilting it down. Radvinte foot extender for 2-3 cm so that the cervix was visible in the doorway. Fix the extender in a position to check the provided striker. Do not move the speculum while it is in position to push, because it can injure the vagina. 4. Dial the sperm into the syringe and gently inject it into the vagina. Try to get a little deeper, but in no not attempt to introduce sperm into the uterus itself, since without the help of a doctor at home to introduce sperm into the uterus is not possible, and such manipulations you can inflict a serious injury. 5. Carefully loosen the mounting rasshiritrelya and start closing it, while leaving the expander at an angle of 45 degrees. When the extender returns to its original position, remove it from the vagina. 6. It is recommended to lie on your back with legs raised and planted under the buttocks pad for 30-40 minutes. This increases the chances that the sperm reach their goal, and you become pregnant. Good luck!


It cannot be tachada of is racist, even so has had a prejudiced attitude. In some place or some moment, the information was passed it (even of form to perhaps subliminar) that to be nego it is not nothing good, then, its loved father, could not be one nego. Since then, I catch myself analyzing the difficulty that the people have in speaking of racism, negritude, etnia Accurately why when one starts to try to say the other soon it says: ' ' this leaves of this does not exist &#039 more; ' or still ' ' I am not racist, my great-grandmother I was brown! the subject ceases for there. Why in Brazil nobody is racist, nobody wants to accuse the other with racism, why it does not exist ' ' To the times I have the sensation that the brown term translates a fear unconscious to pronounce the word negra/o, and also is an attempt of embranquecer the individual negro' ' becoming it next, more ' ' people of gente' ' Afff As two people of different etnias, knocks down the wall of the preconception, is married, assumed the possibility of its children to be born black or white or medium brown and similar, it does not import the name that if gives, find little important to talk with its children on the subject? To say of clear and objective form its children who all we are of the same species human being, but we have variations fenotpicas, genotpicas, intellectuals, social, religious, sexual etc etc etc? to conclude saying the children that our differences do not configure the superiority of an ethnic group on another one, only shows a thing: we are all equal ones, but we are different we have that to live in society respecting the differences! Simple thus, it pulls life! rsrs While not to obtain, to understand our history that in the schools are shown in topics, pra to facilitate decoreba, and still thus everything for the half, while not deepening in them ' tpico' on the construction of the world-wide society throughout the centuries, we do not go to obtain to deal with the racial questions correct and clear form, and, being acted thus, in this manner the most worse frivolous one, are only collaborating pra that our children if become prejudiced adult citizens, limited and repeating the same atrocities, ignorance and intolerancias that happened in the last centuries and that absurdly they are so gifts nowadays. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Mark Fields. kisses

Kid’s Rooms

Furnished our room, make sure that there was enough light and air. It is desirable that the windows were bigger and came out into the yard, or square – then you will be able to ventilate the child, without fear that the baby will inhale urban emissions. If you do not really like the ecology of the place where you zhivege or child shares with you a room, use air purifiers selecting a model, prefer devices that purify the air, no ionizing it). If the windows in the room the kid out on the sunny side, and you fear that the crumbs will be stifled, at least in an apartment you can install air conditioning. But not in the child (otherwise the child will have dealing with drafts), and in the next room. Try and keep the humidity of air – this will help you a humidifier, which is also still struggling with the fine dust particles. And another important parameter – temperature: the ideal considered the interval 18-22 C. If you feel that a child has a cool, warm air would best allow the convection heater.

But the devices with an open spiral, "following" or "chimney" model in the room baby use is not necessary – first, they burn oxygen, and secondly, not safe. It is desirable that the interior of child was not too bright or, conversely, dark tones. Lighting should be soft and subdued: in addition to lamps, pick up a small night light, which does not interfere with sleeping baby.

Giving to our Kids

Recently, I had to talk to several young mothers interested in the Kabbalah. And what was my surprise when all of them in one voice saying that their kids from the first time showed himself as an independent personality. 'It was like a container and a nurse – I was seated in a child, I endured it, as he reproduce his dairy baby food, bathe, walk, but he is completely separate from my being. With character, his way. It only takes me to what I shall give him. Can you imagine? " – They told me. And I was surprised remembered another friend who knew nothing about Kabbalah, but which with the same enthusiasm the opening said: "My baby – my part.

He's all mine, I know him thought that he needed to, I feel it in the distance. It will be my most beautiful and intelligent. " Of course for each woman to her child – the most-most. There's nothing you can do about it – nature has us in the maternal instincts that make her blind love my child. But it seemed to me that after all there is a difference in perception.

A woman who has at least a little knowledgeable about what's inside the Upper World, as developing people, and being in search of herself, sees her child, not as property but as a person. Do not want to detract from the traditional values of motherhood, but watching mom-possessive relationship to the younger children, I always thought about what we parents do in fact distorts the lives of their children. Here we assume parents gave birth to a child and start to sculpt it for themselves. For example, a mother in childhood, always jealous of her friend, carrying a musical file. And now her child, thanks to my mother's childhood memories, drags on the hated solfege, while most of all he wants to embroider cross. The essence of the comments that we subconsciously lepim of the children themselves, but rather require them to realize our ambitions failed.

Ear Care

Maintenance and care. Ears: the Canadian Sphynx huge ears and dirty they are faster than other cats. Ears cleaned 1 time a week 1-1,5 cotton swab. (It is easier to use sticks for babies, they are thicker). Ear, deeply clean the impossible! Otherwise it may be trauma, leading to otitis media. You can buy a specialized tool for cleaning ears. Claws: If your cat is found at home, it should be regularly cut their claws. Recommendations: gently press down on the foot kitten.

Using sharp tweezers, or gelyatinku, cut the tip of the transparent, but be careful not to zadente sensitive site (it looks dark, maybe pink). If you doubt the reliability of shear is less than a mistake and cut more. Each novice cat owner worried about the problem associated with damage furniture. To avoid this, together with a kitten get kogtetochku (it can be wall or in the form of columns). After all, your kitty, clawing your favorite sofa, just tidies his claws. Seeing that the cat wants to sharpen claws, ask him to do it in a special place. And the younger will be your kitty, it will be easier to teach her to use stand for the point of the claws. To kogtetochka was more attractive to a kitten can drip a few drops of valerian.

Meals: With regard to food, sphinxes, as a rule, are omnivorous and have a great appetite. Differ enviable picky food, and therefore need to ensure that the Sphinx would have been a balanced diet and not too greasy foods. Eating sphinxes almost like a dog, grabbing and swallowing pieces of food almost without chewing. Feed such cats should be fed only the highest quality. Can be canned goods, dry food, but preferably all the same natural food (boiled or tushonoy). In the food should be a mandatory blend of animal and vegetable proteins. A Also do not forget to treat a small number of goodies (depending on the preferences of the cat), since these cats are uncommon, even in food. They may like raw cucumbers, grapes, melons and even chocolate. Bathing: Bathing is a procedure which is rarely like cats, and many owners believe that cats should bathe only when they are hopelessly soiled. However, experts recommend washing your pets at least once a month. And in order to ensure Kisa was no stress begin to teach her to bathe with 1.5 months every 2 weeks. Sphinxes quickly become accustomed to this procedure and often ask themselves in order to buy them. I would also like to emphasize one of the major advantages of the breed – these cats may include people who suffer from allergies to wool or unable to care for a long Persian coat.