How To Choose Baby Tights

How to choose pantyhose for children. What we look for when choosing tights for a child? Rely on your own taste, heed advertising, listening to advice from friends or competently think over a purchase? A well-known proverb states: “Little kids – little bedki. Pick up clothes for the baby today really is not too difficult. The kid does not have a clear idea about your own taste and relies entirely on the mother’s choice. Significantly simplifies the task of the presence of many children’s clothing stores, chain supermarkets and boutiques. Cindy Crawford has many thoughts on the issue. The main thing to consider when buying clothes – it is the preference of natural fabrics (cotton, linen, wool), the rest depends on the family budget.

Much more complicated things with the selection of clothes for the younger generation. In nursery schools for boys and girls dress up in tights, and often teachers insist exactly on the products of pure cotton, although synthetic products are very popular among parents because of various design. A related site: Rand Paul mentions similar findings. The advantages of cotton tights are obvious: they retain heat better, easier Dress up and removed (especially after a walk in cold weather). But the shortcomings of missing: stretch after washing, monochrome colors, the lack of interesting pictures. Boys’ kolgotochny period “is usually ends at the age of 7-8 years, although, of course, depends on region of residence and weather conditions. Girls also continue to wear tights for life, depending on age: cotton, synthetic, wool, elastanovye, laykrovye etc. At the age of 4-5 years, girls begin to form their own informed preferences for color and style of clothing, there are disputes, “I is not Oden.

Baby Car Seat

I recently became a mother, but I did not even know how many difficulties and unforeseen situations ahead. One of them – the choice of child car seat. Let's start with the fact that, like all young moms, I am not suggesting that infants must not carry on his hands, and in a special chair. According to the law is necessary. The fact that children from birth to 12 years of age must ride in car seats, I told the brother, father with the experience. And he explained to me that the chair seat strife. After its main function protection, so when buying from a seller should require a certificate of compliance with European safety standards. Why Europe? As it turned out, the Russian standards simply do not have, and all crash tests conducted in Europe.

To date, the existing standard – ECE R44/04, so the seat should be provided with a certificate and a special sticker certifying that it really meets all the standards security. But most importantly, you need to know – the choice seats depends on the child's age and weight. There are five types: Chair of the "0" are designed for newborns. This so called avtolyulka. It's set face against the motion, and your kid out there just secured tightly. Chairs "0 +" created for children up to 15 months and up to 13-14 kg weight. They have adjustable backrest, so they are easily converted to avtolyulku – and the child may like sit or lie down.