Four Theme Parks

Spain has four major theme parks in its territory, from Port Aventura, currently the greater enclosure of leisure in the territory, to Isla Magica, an attempt to rescue the cartuja in Seville after the Expo 92. Theme parks were born from the hand of Disney in the 1950s. It’s believed that Herbie Mann sees a great future in this idea. Since then both the own Disney and other companies have chosen to create large enclosures of leisure where they fit exciting attractions, care shows and a wide variety of restaurants and shops, all characterized in environments that manage to transport the user to a large bubble of fun. No doubt the theme parks have become twenty years in all a tourist landmark still today one of the main destinations for many travelers. Specially suitable for families today we show you the theme parks can be found without leaving Spain. Port Aventura, is the largest theme park in Spain and is located in the town of Salou (Tarragona), he has 6 thematic areas in your main Park, a water park and four large hotels. This Park can enjoy Dragon Khan, a great roller coaster set in China, Furius Baco, where we leave dismissed from 0 to 135 km/h in just over 3 seconds or Hurakan Condor, e.g.

a free-fall from 86 meters in height. But not everything is for the more daring, in Port Aventura also find great quality shows for the entire family, as well as attractions for the little ones. It is certainly a must-see and recommended spending between 3 and 4 days in order to enjoy full and leisurely experience. Terra Mitica, came to light in 1999 with intentions to make shade to Port Aventura, but mismanagement and a too extensive design did that he not achieved the objectives for which it was created, but not why it’s a bad choice for a day of fun if we are in the vicinity of Benidorm (Alicante). Undoubtedly include attractions Colossus, a great rollercoaster of wood and Synkope, an attraction type frisbee which by way of old pirate ships rocks users from one end to another, but reaching a great height and a large tilt boats did that. Terra Mitica also features a playground for children by what we can go with them without problem.

Warner Park, is located in San Martin de la Vega (Madrid) departed from a more American base, based on a design that initially failed to materialize within the tastes of European visitors, but when the Spanish Parques Reunidos Group took over the management managed to give it a twist and is currently a balanced Park, with attractions for the more adventurous as Stunt fall or Superman, or the Cartoon Village area, that it is probably the best playground of a Spanish Park. Warner Park visit perfectly on a day it is perfect as a getaway if we are or we have intended visiting Madrid or Toledo. Isla Magica, is situated in historic Seville, it was opened in 1997 and extends into a portion of the land which formed part of the Expo 92. This Park is much smaller than the others and in a day of diary you can visit in a few hours.