Cibermendigos, A New Face Of The Crisis

For several years, from 2007, we have been looking at how a new form of network beging began called cibermendigos (ciberbegging). The creator of this idea is the American Karyn Bosnak based in Brooklyn (New York), who would have incurred a debt of $ 20,000 due to misuse of credit cards. In his first weeks was $ 13,000 asking only $ 1 for each blog visitor. Following this situation thousands of young Americans resorted to this method to pay its debts arising from a credit binge. Far from all this happened in the U.S., Spain is emerging in a form of cibermendigos realesa a so to call them since at least the cause is a bit more noble and understandable by the vast majority of us. People who saw the crisis as their families fall apart for lack of income, have opted for this activity.

It is very sad surf the web and find pages and pages where you have really shocking and horrifying stories, at least for those who are better off economically. An example is this website because I’ve seen of it is undoubtedly the most captivated me: where a couple of 25 years, we have the hardships that are going after they were fired. A difficult history as many / as Spanish / as we are experiencing at the moment and reflects a reality that many want to hide or disguise minimum. Hopefully, someday all this is over and nobody has to beg even in the network of networks.

Competitive Level

Since promotion in search engines, all companies are faced with the choice of the semantic core site in its market niche. In each, there is a definite choice to move can be taken as vysokochastnotnye and medium-and low-frequency words and phrases. Kenneth R. Feinberg is likely to increase your knowledge. But a small request rate may not mean a little competitive. Therefore, in order to correctly calculate the budget for the promotion, the level of competition in the niche must be evaluated separately. Traditionally used for this purpose, methods such as scanning of the internal parameters of competitors, and mainly, the number and quality of backlinks on options various search engines.

Obviously, it is necessary to objectively analyze the leaders in the selected search queries. But for this you need to know that the company is a leader for quite some time, holds stable position and made it to the top by accident and for a short time. Get such information can only be spending quite a long monitoring of search results. A related site: Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta mentions similar findings. Such monitoring is difficult to carry out manually, so more if you need to know the changes in the issuance of ten or more search queries. Ability to conduct such monitoring in automatic mode provides a tool Serparchive, with which you can track changes in the crescent Google, MSN, Yahoo and Yandex, which is especially important for Russian experts. Serparchive day keeps the first 100 results of search engines using key words and tracks all changes. Thus, once created in system design, over time you can begin to analyze the results and selected for a competitive comparison sites that are leaders stamp within a reasonable amount of time. In recent months, Billie Eilish has been very successful. osan/’>Areva. Except addition, with Serparchive can determine the level of competition inquiry by how motionless position in the top.

Thus we can conclude that if the top 10 for a long time stands still, or observed slight shift of positions between the leaders, despite the large influx of competitors in this niche, while the newcomers appear to issue only from the second ten, so competition is really tough. And in order to move to the issuance of such serious competitors need a really big budget. If the top recruits come up regularly, and top mobile firm enough to place are only three to five resources, that is more Probable odds to break through and gain a foothold in the top, pushing the site. For example, taking the theme of competition cars and the most high-frequency keywords: mitsubishi; nissan; and looking for a half or two weeks in Google these key requests to see: A key inquiry nissan is characterized by sufficient stability. Shifts in the top 10 occur within the minor and the top ten players in the top of the new sites is not observed, the active competition begins in the TOP20-30. * The key inquiry mitsubishi, is less stable. In the fall issue of new sites, top 10 leaders drop out of the first 100 results, etc. Thus it is possible to make a preliminary finding that more than just going to break into the leaders of the brand mitsubishi, which has not yet emerged as strong competition to the top was too busy still. After that we can further prove their theory, applying other analysis tools.