That Is El Ipad De Apple A Toy More

When the iPad made its appearance several months back, I remember having had the initial impression that the combo Apple was penetrating the market with a product that was basically intended to steal a piece of the cake that Amazon Kindle had begun. Talking about electronic books and other demons, the growth in sales is completely exponential and the figures for the second half of this year 2010 point to 90 million dollars, Amazon being the absolute but not perpetual leader with 90% of the pie and ceding ground. It is not unreasonable to think that Steve Jobs and his flock decided to create the famous iPad to savor more than 400 million dollars of cake flavored with book. However, and accepting my mistake or rather my wrong conspiracy theory, the iPad is more than a simple device for reading books and iBooks is just a small addition to the endless number of things this portable screen almost 10 inches and less than a kilogram of weight can do. Whats the story then with the iPad? The tale is to repeatedly pass by the store of Apple blames for one chismoseada to the iPad and saw him very cold by just 5 minutes;basically navigating the network without greater significance and with my head pigeonholed in the fact that the device was an excuse to steal a piece of the market to Amazon Kindle. That if with an exquisite design and a display that dazzles to a blind man. But it was not more than that: a simple appliance bank robber! Time passed and for reasons unrelated to the issue, play me buying an iPad a couple of hours were sufficient to realize the extraordinary system that I had between my hands and the way in which a piece of table can change the way in as you do things in your day to day.