How to explain the divorce to the children Normally the divorce situations are very traumatic for the children, but the spouses consider unbearable to follow together, to maintain a relation based on the deceit would be disastrous for the children, who would suffer much more seeing daily discussions and the lack of love or affection between their parents. This situation could be alleviated with the divorce. Nevertheless, obviously to make this decision is not good and, often, according to the separation is developed, can mean a pain difficult to surpass for the children. Therefore it must be avoided to put to the children within the conflict. In addition, it is necessary to well clearly leave them to the difference between the pair rolls and those of father and mother. The separation of the parents the children must be informed into the situation of married rupture, a suitable form and according to the age of each. It is important not to speak to them bad of his father or his mother and to grant the time to them so that they understand and they assimilate the new reality. In addition, they must feel safe and have one professional direction as well as advice who help them to communicate and to solve the problem.

Also it is important that the parents inform to them directly on their separation and not that finds out by other people. Some advice to speak with them are: To explain to them that papa and mother no longer wish to live together and that now they are going to live in different houses. To speak to them of the reality of the separation without blaming to anybody. To assure that both continue wanting them to them as much or more than before and than the father that do not remain with their safekeeping will be able to see them whenever it wants. Mantn without changes the routine of your children (address, surroundings, relations with the parents, school, schedules, etc.)? Deals that they do not have any responsibility in the divorce, that is mother and papa thing, solely. It explains clearly that the divorce is definitive and that does not exist the possibility of returning the things back.

It tries to protect the positive opinions of your flexible son and in the schedules. Also ocpate of the education and the health of the children altogether with its father or mother. The separated parents who do not live with the children When one of the divorced parents does not live with the children must: To understand that the children are not object. You must fight by its freedom, but not by apropiarte of them. Knowledge that is necessary to be with them to give love them. To fight by them moved by your love and not by hatred or the resentment. To behave well. If what you want is respect, he respects your son, he remembers that they will continue learning of your behavior. To consider that the children need to the father and the mother. Without concerning the unprotected humiliated thing or that you are, they ten in account that nobody can give them what their parents need but. With information of: Source: Note of Press sent by Divorces Express.

Weight Loss Diets

You are done asked because to beams diets sometimes, exercises and follow with overweight and you do not know like thinning the belly, good it will explain to you that your body or this customary one to being fat are why when beams diets or you go to the gymnasium you become thin but later those kilos that you lost return, and not only they return but until they increase, is why I will say to something to you Why I am with overweight? First analzate in your life of fat person and sees backwards and remembers because you began to increase of weight and sides that you do not remember it with clarity could have been a sentimental problem, the leisure, or simply you began to eat much already and. Without a doubt that to look for the cause can help but what you look for is to return to be thin, for that reason when beams diets not you become thin because your body has switch of FAT bony to get fat caught, and while this catching does not matter that you make the thousand diets existing you will follow fat person, is certain that there are people who with contantes diets and exercises have thinned the belly but that takes to much effort of the body and time and lost rich things. That he is switch FAT? Switch FAT is that one that catch ons in your body when you begin to eat too much and if you do not extinguish it you are going to follow fat person why a method so that you learn to extinguish it will give results you that you do not do been able to obtain, is for that reason that a safe method to extinguish this switch of fat person is the method of Gabriel.