Giving to our Kids

Recently, I had to talk to several young mothers interested in the Kabbalah. And what was my surprise when all of them in one voice saying that their kids from the first time showed himself as an independent personality. 'It was like a container and a nurse – I was seated in a child, I endured it, as he reproduce his dairy baby food, bathe, walk, but he is completely separate from my being. With character, his way. It only takes me to what I shall give him. Can you imagine? " – They told me. And I was surprised remembered another friend who knew nothing about Kabbalah, but which with the same enthusiasm the opening said: "My baby – my part.

He's all mine, I know him thought that he needed to, I feel it in the distance. It will be my most beautiful and intelligent. " Of course for each woman to her child – the most-most. There's nothing you can do about it – nature has us in the maternal instincts that make her blind love my child. But it seemed to me that after all there is a difference in perception.

A woman who has at least a little knowledgeable about what's inside the Upper World, as developing people, and being in search of herself, sees her child, not as property but as a person. Do not want to detract from the traditional values of motherhood, but watching mom-possessive relationship to the younger children, I always thought about what we parents do in fact distorts the lives of their children. Here we assume parents gave birth to a child and start to sculpt it for themselves. For example, a mother in childhood, always jealous of her friend, carrying a musical file. And now her child, thanks to my mother's childhood memories, drags on the hated solfege, while most of all he wants to embroider cross. The essence of the comments that we subconsciously lepim of the children themselves, but rather require them to realize our ambitions failed.