Dog Training

The dog needs a positive feeling – it's natural. Dog defends its territory – and here it is also right. Try to paint the emotional moment combing or cutting of dogs so that the dog felt – and for him and for you it is pure pleasure. When at home, where there is an adult dog, first appears a newborn, it leads her into confusion. The dog did not fully understand what it is, it is often not at all sure that this human creature. However, normal bred dog in his attitude to the world primarily focused on you.

If the dog is trained to carry out in addition even the simplest of commands and your credibility is high enough, takes a little time to make it understood that it is vociferous create the greatest value, and requires careful handling. Let things drift, but not worth it. You'll have to give the dog some time and attention. First of all, bewilderment dramatically increases the likelihood of anxiety and aggression. So the first rule – never leave a dog alone with a newborn baby. If the dog did not growl, but just about the time Time looks at the child too closely and without friendship – it means to trust her so far not worth it. Especially if the dog is generally characterized aggressive or prone to pressure of cats and other small creatures.

This is a "still" may last several months, until, when the baby does not begin to appear distinct human traits. But the most crucial time – the first few days. There should not deviate from the child, even across the room, if the dog is in the nursery. Generally, most dogs do not cause the newborn rapture. First, he cries that no one dog does not like – dogs can not stand the scandals in the house. Secondly, with the emergence of a newborn you inevitably begin to pay less attention to the dog. It would seem that the best way out – to prevent a dog to go to the nursery. But in reality it is not. If the dog is not aggressive and obedient, that she visits the baby (With you) and even the sniff (but only in your presence!). If you regularly brush your dog, wash her feet, give time to the means of worms, it is no more danger than you are. A hygienic grooming dogs not allow your child is allergic to dog hair.

Ear Care

Maintenance and care. Ears: the Canadian Sphynx huge ears and dirty they are faster than other cats. Ears cleaned 1 time a week 1-1,5 cotton swab. (It is easier to use sticks for babies, they are thicker). Ear, deeply clean the impossible! Otherwise it may be trauma, leading to otitis media. You can buy a specialized tool for cleaning ears. Claws: If your cat is found at home, it should be regularly cut their claws. Recommendations: gently press down on the foot kitten.

Using sharp tweezers, or gelyatinku, cut the tip of the transparent, but be careful not to zadente sensitive site (it looks dark, maybe pink). If you doubt the reliability of shear is less than a mistake and cut more. Each novice cat owner worried about the problem associated with damage furniture. To avoid this, together with a kitten get kogtetochku (it can be wall or in the form of columns). After all, your kitty, clawing your favorite sofa, just tidies his claws. Seeing that the cat wants to sharpen claws, ask him to do it in a special place. And the younger will be your kitty, it will be easier to teach her to use stand for the point of the claws. To kogtetochka was more attractive to a kitten can drip a few drops of valerian.

Meals: With regard to food, sphinxes, as a rule, are omnivorous and have a great appetite. Differ enviable picky food, and therefore need to ensure that the Sphinx would have been a balanced diet and not too greasy foods. Eating sphinxes almost like a dog, grabbing and swallowing pieces of food almost without chewing. Feed such cats should be fed only the highest quality. Can be canned goods, dry food, but preferably all the same natural food (boiled or tushonoy). In the food should be a mandatory blend of animal and vegetable proteins. A Also do not forget to treat a small number of goodies (depending on the preferences of the cat), since these cats are uncommon, even in food. They may like raw cucumbers, grapes, melons and even chocolate. Bathing: Bathing is a procedure which is rarely like cats, and many owners believe that cats should bathe only when they are hopelessly soiled. However, experts recommend washing your pets at least once a month. And in order to ensure Kisa was no stress begin to teach her to bathe with 1.5 months every 2 weeks. Sphinxes quickly become accustomed to this procedure and often ask themselves in order to buy them. I would also like to emphasize one of the major advantages of the breed – these cats may include people who suffer from allergies to wool or unable to care for a long Persian coat.