It is a difficult question that sellers most overlooked. Why? Probably, because it makes money is lacking. Secondly, probably because that requires a web site and some web storage on a server. But still, ebooks with resale rights are a great method to get traffic to your web site and the links of affiliation and publicity. But how does it work?: (by now, this is only a summary of what you could do with these ebooks) 1.-buy an electronic book (eBook) with resale rights that means you can store and sell from your website at any price, even above the price X that is specified in the distributor of the e-book rights information respect the clauses of the license that the author can file a lawsuit if you don’t respect their conditions. After all, this e-book is work of yours and not yours right? 2. If you have to give away the rights to promote your page, do it, if and when conditions permit of the Ebook license. Offers a freeware for your visitors, since after all, subscribing to your list and you can thus offer them regularly you are interested in more products! 3.

If you have no right to give away it, don’t do it! (It thoroughly reviews the accompanying ebook license) 4. If the license allows you to give away the ebook as a gift for the promotion of your site, you can charge a fee for membership to your site and then give free ebook to your customers. 5. If the ebook rights license specifies that you can offer it as a bonus when a customer buys any product yours, you can offer it as a prize or gift voucher! However you could say: Hey, why would I want to let go of him for free? I paid money for this ebook! And I would say: and what? Because that’s the deal:-your want you that first time visitors return to your site increasingly more and more – your want members of your site to be happy with your membership for $ 2/mo – Lo most important: some of these e-books come with a rebranding option, which means that all links reference within the e-book will be yours in the moment in which you rename the workbook (similar to Viral Marketing please click here) example: Let’s say that you buy an e-book called 101 ways of losing weight that emerged from a brainstormingWhat you can have in a book as well? I would say: – pills to lose weight – weight loss with diet – loss of weight through exercises – patches weight loss – weight loss with anything now, there are plenty of web sites where you could sell your ebook, since they are sites that offer all the methods described in your ebook. Heck, what I’m saying? You could probably link every word of your ebook to a web site with related products. If in every chapter you put your referral link, what do you think is going to happen? Any client that you download the free ebook 101 ways to lose weight, will make Click on at least one link of this e-book, because he’s interested in this type of products. That’s why right? you downloaded it. Now imagine the rest! By an effective entrepreneurship.