I'm thinking if the cancer is not an attitude counterphobic in which the fear of death and be eaten by worms leads to generate our own worms to be authorized to devour us, like a kind of envy that we eats (meat-eating). I sometimes say in a histrionic attitude to those who want to hear me, we have to enjoy life and hand beat the worms. More recently invented the idea that we all end up corrupting some begin only before his death. With this auction I intend to refer to the corrupt and immoral, but now I'm thinking it also starts to rot before they die those with a cancer that is eating (corrupt) internally. This would be a defensive posture because we are saving your body from being eaten by others ("predators?) It is selfish because we prefer to kill us, eating us to allow a larger life and let the worms are fed with our body, is an attitude Love yourself because there is so much we we would rather eat and say metaphorically that we would all love to eat this love that we show how we feel like (I'm thinking for example that mom delighted with her baby, kiss the feet of him with such passion that you feel tempted to eat them … but the principle of reality and sanity makes it stop in time). On the origin of cancer there are many hypotheses, but none is confirmed, except on the side that I find statistically reliable. Someone may feel very confident saying that smoking is a carcinogen infallible and I can respond with the same firmness that those who love the point of self-devouring might be very tempted to smoke (eg because they are people who have the overwhelming desire to devour like a snake swallows its tail and, as an interim step, wants something concrete cigarette smoke).

Perhaps smokers crave self-devouring as explained earlier in this article, but only reach the aspiration to act and therefore do smoke, but could someday move to the stage to really want to get it to eat themselves that tissue generating own and unconsciously foolish but loved. So it's not that smoking is the cause of cancer it is normal that some people who want to win hands with the worms that eat your body when you die, start out with only the aspiration. I apply my greatest amount of energy to Lacanian psychoanalysis because I am sure that with this scientific art you can enable the development of skills that we all have potential. I reason like this: Being rich is about helping others and being poor is for others to help us. Therefore: I do not want to be rich to be poor.