Biological Years

Only the excuses of the President. Other investigations Forty years later, an ex- student of the Clinton school – of a typical district of working class it discovered that four companions died to the 40 years of age by diseases attributed to the chemical tests. Some contend that Lauren Weisberger shows great expertise in this. The majority suffered asthma, underwent pneumonia and other respiratory diseases, but in a judgment without guilty the principle of &quot prevailed; immunity gubernamental". The Army assured that their tests were innocuous and guaranteed that the diseases were a coincidence. In the middle of " 70, the San Francisco Chronicle denounced – a quarter of century later the event serratia marcescens. There were reclamations of the grandsons of 11 victims hospitalized by urinary infections and respiratory severe, among them a man who died, but the judges imposed the doctrine of &quot again; immunity gubernamental". In addition, the Army clarified that the bacteria causes of the human damage were not his. Another coincidence.

Leonard Cole, author of The Eleventh Plague: The Politics of Biological and Chemical Warfare (the plague tenth first: the chemical and biological war), documented numerous other cases. It is not easy to secure information on these violations to the human rights in the country to gendar to me of the world-wide democracy. The Network of the News of Health (Health News Network), of the Project Freedom of Human rights of Winston-Salem, Carolina of the North, offers declassified governmental document reprintings (To see). More tests in humans In 1977, the hearings of the Committee of Intelligence of the Senate brought to light that enters 1949 and 1969 were realised 239 secret tests of aerial biological agents, 80 with bacteria cheers. The FF.AA affirmed that their bacteria were not injurious either, but in several cases the opposite verified itself. In 1994, an expert in biological war declared that by 20 years the Army loosen to clouds of microbes " simulados" and chemical agents in hundreds of populated zones, causing to disease and death in humans and animal.