Body and Soul

Exactly when everything asks for a little more than calm ties when the body asks for a little soul more than the life does not stop The life is so rare. The chicas. Reencontro my old friend, now I free of me of everything, said it I do not know more what to make. I want to meet more I do not know where I am.

Urban legion. – The first discovery of the warrior: Not to know. It remembers Scrates? I only know that nothing I know. My friend said: – Everything has an intention. – And what you were born to make? – Which its intention? – It goes until that old car and it has left alone me there, when he will be to say something to me important. I was some time and after you vary attempts. It knows what me it occurred? It always has something happening, does not have common moments.

He was something of this type that it searched that I discovered I know I eat if calls this? PERCEPTION. As my professor of philosophy would say: Conceptual ability. In the truth, perception. Equal to a text that I read where it said of all an evolution of the philosophy and of as it adaptava the changes. Each moment of learning with Scrates, it was only, different and engrandecedor, certain time we were assaulted in a bar, knows what it said later? – The people most difficult of being loved probably are the ones that need love more than. I initiated the return to the training of different form, with patience, perseverance, devotion, will, did not want that my training was as the training of the films as Rocky, that in only one taking you this soon, training and learning, comes with the time comes with patience. Wise person now that never we are certain of what we would go to find and that nothing remains the same, as well as the dialectic of Heraclitus de Efeso, the man does not bathe two times in the same river.