You surely are people who consider that the so-called carbohydrates are responsible for make us gain weight. The truth is that until recently I was thinking the same thing, but after a little research and reading I realized that the carbohydrates of if not are responsible for make us gain weight. In fact, know what kind of carbohydrates include in our diet and what delete will allow us to maintain a healthy weight of lifetime. The key is in the class of carbohydrate the key to lose weight is on the resistant starches. Many scientific studies have shown that include this kind of carbohydrates in the diet brings the following benefits: helps us to burn more calories.

It makes that we eat less. Makes us feel more energetic. It reduces bad cholesterol (LDL). Have you noticed that people that thin people give is taste of ingesting large quantities of carbohydrates while obese people maintain diets low in these?. The curious thing about this issue is that thin hardly gain weight while that obese persons, despite having a diet low in carbohydrates, hardly lose weight. Several studies have shown that the probability of staying slim is greater when 60% of calories consumed daily come from carbohydrates. As mentioned above, replace the carbohydrates in our diet with resistant starches makes that we eat less, what no doubt will do to lose weight.

Why?. What makes special to this class of carbohydrate is that these are digested more slowly than any other kind of food, which gives a feeling of both our minds and our stomach fullness. In simpler words, this kind of carbohydrates impede the nagging feeling of hunger that makes us eat compulsively. The benefits of resistant starches do not end here: according to a recent study by the Center for human nutrition in Beltsville, who included in their diet intake of resistant starches were able to significantly reduce the levels of sugar in the blood. Since the starches resistant they basically consist of fiber, they accelerate the metabolism, which means the body becomes more efficient at the time burn body fat, especially that which is located in the abdominal area. Remember, a good diet is not to delete, but to replace that which hurts us for what it helps us to keep us in shape.