Delicious Prelude To The Feast

The beginning of a feast – is an art to house owners. One must not only meet and take guests, but also of interest, arrange them to communicate, to help relax and tune in to the festive mood. Here, a good assistant to you will be an aperitif – an easy drink, appetitive. This name comes from the French word aperire, which means "open." Indeed, an aperitif as well start any event that has long fell in love all over the world. When and who invented this drink is known for certain, in the history of no more precise information.

We know only what was originally aperitifs used in medicine as a tonic. Produced this drug by fermenting fruit in alcohol. Today, however, the recipe has not changed much, it only began to add some ingredients and distilled. Real connoisseur beverage consider themselves French, No wonder the French aperitif – the most sophisticated in the world. It's not just the original cocktail, as a ritual.

In the sixties he sang in the literature and cinema, drinking an aperitif before dinner, it was fashionable and talk about good taste. Today, these drinks have retained their popularity in Europe and in Russia. A glass of light drinking quenches thirst and liberating. However, this need not be alcohol, do not have less effect soda, lemon, orange, tomato and pomegranate juices, and even just chilled water. In general, apperetivy can be divided into three types: – single (consisting of one drink, for example, vermouth and champagne) – combined (a few different drinks offered to guests with a tray) – mixed (usually wine or soft drinks). What kind of alcohol made to file before the celebration? In small numbers offer a bitters, vodka, brandy, gin, spirits of wine. In addition, guests will lift the mood of a glass of champagne, liqueur, brandy and vermouth with ice. In cold weather you can use the grog, mulled wine or punch. If you are preparing an aperitif in the home, remember that the drink should be transparent, slightly sour or bitter, but in any case not sharp. Depending on the recipe, the components are pouring in pre-chilled glass, stir with a spoon and a bar offer guests. It is considered that the aperitif should have a dry spicy taste, but in most cases it all depends on your preferences or traditions. Thus, Japanese begin to feast with green tea, Kyrgyzstan – koumiss and Finns – milk. But regardless of type, aperitifs necessarily served on a tray, covered with snow-white napkin. Hard liquor is poured into small glasses of 35 grams, cocktails – in a glass of tumblers, brandy – a pear-shaped glasses, and wine – a glass of Madeira, 75 oz. By aperetivam serves snacks, which should not interrupt the taste of the drink. It can be fruit, canapes or nuts. Decorate the glasses can lemon or orange zest and serve with straws. These drinks are just made for a bright start any holiday, thanks to proper preparation aperitif, your guests will long remember this occasion.