Diversity Languages

The subject of the language and the importance of this, if the Catalan has more relevance, Castilian, English or other languages, will depend on the social, political, cultural moment and of the communication needs. In the last years the Spanish society attends a significant increase of the population immigrant, fact that an enrichment of the human geography of our cities, districts, schools and centers of work foments. One of the first needs of which they arrive to study, to work and to settle in another country is to learn the language of the welcome society. Different educative institutions, nongovernmental, advisory, training organizations, professors and volunteers have put activities, programs and courses to give answer, from different perspective, to these needs of nowadays. One of the basic activities that take upon maturity is the debate of the language, that it tries to put at the disposal of all those that of a way or another one they are related to the phenomenon of immigration and education, by so of that the second languages for immigrants are besides an evident necessity, a space abierto for the reflection and the interchange of experiences, proposals and opinions. The debate also tries to be a source of intelligence for the training professors and offers, besides one long list of possibilities in the education of second languages to immigrants, a guide of didactic resources by those who very linguistically support the immigrants. It is therefore, good a message the cause that picks up debates of national and foreign languages in the formative surroundings, since they contribute to opinions and enriching experiences of all those that participate.

Considering this activity that drives the participation of diverse cultures, most important it is to maintain the debate and whereupon language does not become, the fundamental thing is the fact of being able to express freely and not only with a certain language, if not the fact that all listened to opinion, whatever spoken language. A dynamics that it foments that the languages become rich and it allows that they continue being the first vehicle of communication between towns. After all, all we comprised of this immense cultural network with own language.