Eating Well

You have to take them in kind of fruit and vegetables, protein will get from nuts and seeds. " Menu Bragg field in which there is absolutely nothing exotic. All products offered for sale in any market and there are these days in any grocery store. "I do not eat breakfast for 50 years. I get up early in the morning and within a few hours walks on foot, I wander up the hill, run down, swim in the ocean all year round, ride horseback or by bike. I go back home and doing creative work, writing articles and books.

By 11 o'clock I eat some fruit, about 12 cm first times. Start with a raw salad: shredded carrots and cabbage, then add the tomatoes, radishes, celery, beets with tops. I eat a yellow vegetables: carrots, dried banana, a clump of spinach, artichokes, kale or other I prefer nuts of all kinds, or sunflower seeds, pumpkin. As for bowel cleansing, it must match the number of times meal a day. My gut has learned to quickly cleared, and the effect it is my within an hour after breakfast, and it occurs within an hour after the evening meal. Only in rare cases, I allow myself to eat between meals rich raw fruits, one or more solid apple slices of pineapple, melon. " 'The human body – writes Paul Bragg – a collection of individual cells. If the food is delivered everything necessary for their growth and normal functioning, they could live 120 years or more.