Lose Weight

Lose weight with Chef Johann Lafer is now in collaboration with Dr. Pape and his slim in his sleep program possible. Who like to cook recipes from top chefs can take off even now. Top chef Johann Lafer has developed new recipes and removed with the diet slim in his sleep. Can his personal story and how he lost his weight in the book Lafer takes “read. He wrote it together with Dr. Pape.

Although in our society obesity is discouraged to make an exception in the cooking profession. A chef not bad taking a couple pounds more on his belly, it is but a sign of his cooking. But Johann Lafer felt unwell and had the feeling, the excess weight affected his health. He was looking for help and tried it with sports. With the support of a personal trainer, he began to run and did strengthening exercises for the entire body. He turned slim his diet with the help of Dr. Pape, the inventor of the principle in his sleep.

With this program have already many overweight removed. In addition to the change of diet, we recommend sports. An extensive recipe collection can be found in the diet of the books. But Labelle is cooking and it is only natural that he developed his own recipes. “Lose weight with Lafer is for other overweight people with the help of the book Lafer decreases” now possible. It shows the way by Johann Lafer and the change. Not only its weight has changed positively, also his blood counts have improved significantly. In addition to useful tips to lose weight and great recipes by Johann Lafer, this book makes courage, even the way to go. The recipes of the top chef show that it is possible to lose weight with good kitchen and savory food. Gone are the days where you sat in losing weight just before a crisp bread or drinking a milkshake. Recipes for all three main meals make varied and tasty diet. Ute Zumbrink