Measure The Truth

What reason is there to make doubt of the truth? Which is the mechanism that starts up the doubt among us? That, but why hesitate, in general? We know really that the truth itself has, or is allowed, the attribute of being called into question? Can you measure the same truth in itself? Can we make the variable truth? In other words: we can say that truth is not absolute or fixed? The truth cannot be measured. You can not be put on the scale. It has no weight, neither body, nor any characteristic that can help us to measure it or clarify it in some way. It just exists. We cannot think about the same truth itself, if it is true or not true.

We can not put the truth in a courtroom. You do not need. As soon as we question the truth it’s like having doubts about it. It’s like losing the concept of this wonderful gift we have. As soon as we put it on the scale also we have the intention and power to modify it. And modify the scale. Unfortunately I have reached these conclusions after seeing a press conference of the President of the United States stating: and will try to say the thrue.

This is what I will try to do today. To speak the thru the best HA I can’t. Before translating want to point out the fact that this line of dialogue has come just after a few applause. Translation: I will try to tell the truth. This is what I’m going to try today.(now). Telling the truth as best I can. It is clear that the truth has much instability in this equation out of the mouth of a President. Use the words I shall try to say and as well as possible along with the word truth is like dressing the truth with a malleable, variable, unstable form.