Popular Culture Located

$fortaleza is known world-wide thanks to its beautiful beaches and festive people. But, beyond the flaring natural landscapes and parties that attract tourist the year all, the city also congregates important museums that evidence since the pertaining to the state of Cear culture until the workmanships of international artists. Museum of Art Contemporary Also called MAC, the museum it possesss 13 rooms, where expositions, visits, courses and debates on the art are carried through Brazilian and foreign contemporary. The space is located in the Center Dragon of the Sea of Art and Culture, considered one of the responsible attractions for the tourist demand search of hotels in $fortaleza. Museum of the Automobile of the Cear Inaugurated in 1981, the museum more than congregates a collection with 50 vehicles, between rarities of the marks Cadillac, Fiat, Ford and Chevrolet.

The automobiles, national, American and European date of the decade of 1910 the 1970, being that Ford T, of 1917, is oldest of the quantity. Museum of Art and Popular Culture Located in Center of Tourism of $fortaleza, since 1973, the museum counts on three sections, being religious art, utilitarian art and recreativa art. There, parts of artists and craftsmen meet who give samples of the pertaining to the state of Cear popular art. Museum of the Cear The first museum of the state shows belongings of historical personages, as the Ccero priest and the cangaceiro Lampio. The quantity also counts on a collection of twines, paintings, currencies, weapons, documents of the abolition of the local slavery and other thousands of aboriginal and religious item. Beyond the museums, $fortaleza possesss diverse other tourist, historical points and of entertainment, that keeps the stay of any tourist always put into motion. Ladislada de Lara is guide of tourism, loving of books, photograph, trips and culture. It likes to share its experiences with the biggest number of possible details.