Rowing Machines

Rowing machine – is a simulator that creates while playing on it the illusion of wind, like when you're rowing a boat. Rowing Machines are one of the most effective types of simulators, as they allow you to use in the classroom at the same time all the major muscle groups of man. Why do we use the rowing machines in most rowing machines are complex machines, since they are equally as help to develop endurance (improvement of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems) and the power of man. Rowers affect almost all major muscle groups, thereby harmoniously develop the body and increase our ability to absorb oxygen. Rowers benefit is proven that this type of fitness equipment is useful for everyone. However, the most useful rowing machines for people with moderate obesity, and especially – for those young people who badly needed the simultaneous exercise of such inherent qualities of the sport, as endurance and strength. Propeller design The main feature of the constructive simulators rowing machine is the system load. Modern rowing machines have two of these types of systems.

First – hydraulic, in which the load is created by special hydraulic cylinders associated with a lever and the second – pneumatic spring. In both of these systems provide the possibility of infinitely variable load, which can be adjusted in two ways: – mechanical way. This adjustment of the length of "gay", the resistance of hydraulic cylinders, and turns the blades – magnetic method. It varies the resistance to movement of the magnetic system. Rowers in step with progress! Today, nearly all rowing machines are equipped with mini-computers, which allow measurement and keep in mind the lessons of human, distance, heart rate, calorie consumption, number and frequency of strokes. On domestic market also offers innovative solutions with the television system, which makes your training in an unforgettable event with computer opponents.

Rowing Machines: Tips for training: The the first stage of training on a rowing machine are encouraged to work on average at a rate of 20-25 strokes per minute, with a capacity of 100 – 300 watts. And the average duration of one session should not exceed 60 minutes. For healthy people every 5 minutes, and for those suffering from mild or moderate hypertension, obesity, one minute before moving to calm mode, recommend "jerks" in which the increased rate of strokes in 30-50 seconds and the number – 30-36 in minute. What we offer rowing machines? Rowers help a person strengthen his cardiovascular and respiratory systems of the body, promote more economical and efficient operation. A prolonged aerobic Load a positive influence on changes in muscle tissue, which eventually increases the number of capillaries, allowing more oxygen to supply the organs involved. Rowing Machines: Selection Criteria First of all, choosing the rowing machines, should take into account the future scope of application. For recreational use in the home rather good option would be a simple folding model, which not occupy much space and are designed for entry-level load. But for professional applications use more complex models of a rowing machine, equipped with flexible electronic systems for monitoring workouts, as well as highly customizable different levels of stress.