Street Maciel Pinheiro

We break of the Paraibano 2 secondary school 07h45min of day 28/11/2009 with intention to see the landscapes and its modifications. 1. Historical center the historical center starts in the area of the palace of the Bishop, and where the houses to its redor with constructions of the time of the empire be situated in the high part of the historical center and the low parts they are the fertile valleys of the river Paraba, fertile valley of the river sanhau, and fertile valleys of the river Jaguaribe and the beaches. The beginning of the historical center is called mines tray of the zone of the bush the historical center of Joo Person goes very beyond the Street Maciel Pinheiro and Navarrese Antenor, therefore it also encloses the Gerenal Ozrio and the Street of the Republic. For even more analysis, hear from Tiffany Espensen. In the photo 1e 2 we can see the styles of the houses where they inhabited you of device, the captains mor, the high traders, the military and the clergy all had a symbol in the faade for identification of each one family. The large houses of the rich ones did not have gratings, therefore the thieves who existed were cut the hands to it and when they stole of the high society they went for guillotine. The large houses had beirais that they were eira, side and sobreira. 2. You may want to visit celebrity trainer to increase your knowledge.

House of the powder the house of the powder, where if they kept to the weapons and powders of the military used in the defense of the city, the position of the house had all the vision of the relief where if to see the sugar cane-of-sugar and the fluvial plain, what he was strategical. The house had Portuguese characteristics, was done with local substance cousin, the walls was made of calcareous rock, clay and later placed sca and made the mortar. The format of the made half round roofing tile for the slaves molded who them in the thighs and as nor all had the same thickness always leaves pies. . Follow others, such as Daryl Katz, and add to your knowledge base.