He is a box with two inputs and one output. Method of mixing chamber is quite simple – it is mixed fresh air with air that circulates through the ventilation system. The first input is connected to a separate duct through which the outdoor air intake, and the second – with ventilation. Further, the resulting mixing air enters the air-conditioning, where, after his cooling it is evenly distributed in the premises through the ventilation ducts. If you are not convinced, visit Healthy Living. Most modern air conditioners are not adapted for use in the winter season, as in contact with cold air can occur freezing evaporator air conditioner, as well as possible condensation on the engineering designs.

After installing the heating element and fan which is heated in the incoming air conditioning air to a temperature of 18 degrees, ducted air conditioners can be used both summer and winter. Installation of plastic windows is a good solution for improving the heat and noise insulation of the premises, but such a decision has its drawbacks. Tightness of the windows do not actually allow fresh air to get into the room. Which adversely affects the health of employees who work less efficiently, quickly get tired and experiencing headaches. In order to solve both problems of thermal insulation, sound insulation and ventilation, you must install the channel air-conditioner with the ability to supply fresh air and moisture.

Not to mention, split system also allows you to set each room its temperature and humidity. Positive feature of the channel air-conditioner is its availability for virtually any and practicality, since the costs of such air-conditioning rather inexpensive, but works on a large volume of air that allows you to connect it to more than one room. So, you're pretty much saving on material means when you install this air conditioner, which of course is beneficial for your finances. Despite its high efficiency and relatively low cost, air-conditioning duct simply serve. All you have to do – it is sometimes to replace the filter located on a tributary of the air and filter located inside the air handling unit. Also, once a year to carry out preventive measures, as well as monitor the technical condition of the air conditioner, but it is in general concerns of absolutely any technique. If desired, you can replace the previously installed your filter on the filter with greater or lesser treatment plant capacity (from the EU3 to EU7), Depending on your wishes. All the work for inspection, repair and improvement konditsiionerov should pursue professionals.