Change of a Scent

All these features are also reflected in temperature, acid composition, content water and other properties of the skin. The above structures and processes are not alike, not only in different individuals, but also on different skin areas of one and the same person. Integument rights is not uniform structure, similar in all people, and has individual differences and prone to all kinds of changes. And everything that happens on the surface of the skin, of course, inevitably affects the smell caused her spirits. All this is compounded by the fact that spirits are composed of many different substances that and behave differently on the skin surface. It is for this reason that the same spirits are not only kept one woman better than another, but each has become more different character smell.

And the more time passes since the use of, the more clearly emerges dissimilarity. Sometimes a change of scent is unpleasant because of the pH of the skin, but the phenomenon is very rare. Natural acidity is usually taken into account in the composition and is in the best limits, allowing the spirits to develop normally. There is another problem associated with the chemical composition of the skin. This is an allergy. Some women said that they are allergic to certain perfumes or even any ghosts: they only , headache. But, in terms of medicine, it is not an allergy. Likely to cause such a reaction is more part psychological: they do not take spirits, perfume, feel bad.