My Surgery

a Shortly after I arrived, the nurses gave me my IV, with verification of weight, vital signs, laboratories, etc … Oh, and by the way, because I work in the medical field, I took careful note of its cleanliness and sterile technique "Do not worry about it (in case anyone I have only come to say wonders about that aspect). After what they did the nurses, the anesthesiologist came to visit, like Dr. Arturo Rodriguez. a Then they put me in a wheelchair due to the operating room. I'm on the operating table, and the anesthesiologist put a mask on my mouth. a The novelty now is that remember waking up in the recovery room.

It was pain that woke me up and was sleepy, and I thought, "that's what I did???" Dr. Arturo Rodriguez had to work very hard with me during my surgery. a The withdrawal of the band is not an easy task, and there were many adhesions that had to be removed. a Also, as previously was with gastric banding, Dr. Rodriguez had to be very careful about making sure that it had no erosion, in which case that could have caused life-threatening complications. He also was careful to ensure that the staple line in my stomach off a sutures and reinforced by what was corroborating with methylene blue dye through a tube in my stomach to make sure that there was no escape. I am so grateful to Dr. Rodriguez and his skills as a surgeon.