The Flow

Her appearance sparked the flow of new information for etogorazuma – all of it characteristics and learned it and remembered, for it appeared the notion of "space" occupied by something physical All he cognized with help of new particles that are the information and also assimilated by this vysshimrazumom. Of course, in the future, he wondered, can lisozdat still the same piece, and then created their countless, combine, experienced, and learned, experimented by building their universe All this was in inconceivable for a man past, but for etoproshloe creator could gain experience in building and came up with a way to finally tosozdat anything even remotely similar to himself – for this vneodushevlennom "subject" should be the holders and custodians of information himself inner self. All of his knowledge and efforts resulted in the emergence and nasheyvselennoy, such as we see it from our planet. choices. Now, if you include logic, we realize how great and powerful creator of this He can not just break into our lives, nashuplanetu and adjust the course of events on it (well, maybe some kind of "emergency" means he is on it and the creator ) But impact on what's going on here he can upravlyayaogromnymi energies. For example, such as our Sun. Over the years 4milliardov it affects the planet, the formation of life, and that's it-the most important need in life all beings, not food, water and air. What should be our world – it is the people decide.