Beauty and Wellness

Now with its own promotional website “fit! in Farmsen”six days present experts and experts around the theme of health, beauty and wellness. At the heart of the exhibition week are among fitness participatory actions, health equipment to try out, as well as actions to the natural, healthy look. Interesting lectures to focus on the prevention, detection, treatment, and faster recovery inform action onstage about latest trends and findings of modern research. At the big lottery, the Wellness vacation visitors can win attractive prizes to shopping vouchers. 011. For six days, the EKT FARMSEN offers a health week, which tells how the health and well-being the best get to expositions throughout the shopping centre also can promote or improve. From the pharmacy on the Ophthalmology (medical eye care) up to the medicum Hamburg Center show the local experts, what man can do practically to help themselves. Priorities are among others the perception, vision & hearing, healthy diet, care, special natural beauty tips and much more for all ages. Renowned companies such as La Roche Posay, MEDIMAX and Hexal support the health promotion with special promotions and innovative solutions.

Go in the face of the constant innovations in health care experts also on the basic questions: How can I prevent? What pays the cashier? What treatment will I get where? What are the alternatives I have?”a. Action onstage in the ground floor interesting presentations on the big screen and flat screens, alternate service actions and charming knowledge games. Moderator Hartmut Friedrich leads through the entire program and feels the experts on the spot on the tooth, so that you get your questions answered as a visitor. Attractive prizes are respectively during the days of action to win the quick and informative quizzes on the stage.

Formatting And Configuring The Ubuntu

It directs boot for the unit where if it finds its Ubuntu distribution. After to initiate the first part of boot, initiates the installation in the option ‘ ‘ To install the Ubuntu’ ‘. When the installation program to initiate, reads the options intently and selects the configurations requested. When arriving in the part to configure its unit or HD I will choose the option to specify manual particionamento (Advanced) In the Window that will confide excludes ALL the PARTITIONS (it does not forget to save all before its data). Creating partition for the system After excluidas click with the right button on of space not placed and adcione the first partition, this partition sera come back toward the system, in mine in case that 10G (10244) had been enough, analyzes its situation, (valley to remember that the Archives Photos, videos, texts etc they will be in another unit then do not count stop this unit at the beginning.) the Primary partition sera Created of the record with the system of archives ext4 and the point of assembly in ‘ ‘ /’ ‘. Prontinho. Now we go to create the exchange area In placed space click not to add new partition again.

This will have only 2G (2048) will be a primary partition at the beginning of the record with system of archives area of Swap exchange. Let us pass to the record of Data With what it sobrou of the unit, creates a primary partition with the available total size in the record. Ext4 will be a primary partition at the beginning of the record with system of archives and point of assembly in /home this is basic so that all the safe archives in the personal folders are directed for the unit of Data.