Powerlifting and Fitness

"The longest road starts with One Step" – says the proverb. It is perfectly suited to those who plan to go to the gym. Physical strength for centuries been an object of worship for the people. Her admired, respected her. Remember the legendary heroes of antiquity, heroes of the Russian epic or medieval knights. They all share one thing – an exceptional physical strength, which in the eyes of the people has always been a special sign prowess and power.

But with the development of civilization many of the representatives of humanity gave up on the power as a "relic of the past", and as a result of the last hundred years, our physical activity decreased by 70%. We are with you lucky we live in an age of fitness, one part of which is strength training. In the late 40s – early 50s of XX century in the U.S., Canada and several European countries have become very popular exercise with a barbell: barbell curls sitting and standing, bench because of the head, as well as traditional now squats, bench press and deadlift. Already in the late 50's 60's power-lifting, literally – "lifting power" began to emerge in its present form. We have the same power lifting along with karate and bodybuilding identified in the bourgeois sport, and even to pronounce his name out loud was considered seditious. We had our powerlifting, so as not to attract too much attention, go to the basement and conspired under the name "athletic gymnastics." Despite all the difficulties and obstacles that we encountered at first powerlifting, currently in the global platform for this sport to our athletes have no equal. Sometimes it even seems that this is our true national sport: if you calculate the number of Russian participants in various competitions in powerlifting, the figure was more than impressive. A how many athletes have not yet appeared on the platform or are in the sport solely for themselves? "But this sport and our goal is not records and awards, and health" – and will tell you are absolutely right.