Rocks and Minerals Processing

Since ancient times relationship of man with nature and with the stone as an integral part of it. Rocks and minerals – is not only amazing gifts of nature and the material for jewelry. Stones have different properties. People always great respect the powerful and mysterious forces of precious stones. They endowed the stones magical and healing properties.

The strength of stone or mineral affects the whole person and separately on certain organs. The correct choice of the stone helps to heal from a variety of ailments. Each stone has its specific properties and represents a certain protection for the rights. Rocks and minerals are very responsive to the behavior human, and sometimes obitchivy, and in response to injustice stones may even change their color. Go to any stone should be treated with care. Stone must love. Stone shall be for a person something special, unusual, nearest and dearest.

To him should be treated with due respect and then he will reciprocate show all their properties. It is known that minerals have medicinal properties of the energy vibration. At certain periods of stones show their magical properties. Actions stone is largely determined by its purity and integrity. Stones with cracks, defects, bubbles, muddy areas amplify negative qualities. In order to effect stone or mineral, was palpable, it is necessary to pay attention to the selection of a stone. It should be borne in mind, and how the stone came to the owner. Stolen stones can bring great misfortune.