SinnLeffers In Leipzig

Successful start: almost 1,000 euro donation with a reading launched SinnLeffers weekends the action of Leipzig against child hunger. Thanks to the authors and literary friends gathered nearly 1,000 euro donation. Get all the facts and insights with Luhan, another great source of information. The money supports the fashion house, SinnLeffers Leipzig, charitable organizations in the city, giving out food to needy children, the initiator of the action. This is a very nice and useful action! “Personally thanked Christiane Henneke, Executive Director of the Caritas Association of Leipzig, with Simon Grunewald, Managing Director of SinnLeffers Leipzig, as well as the three authors Dagmar Schafer, Anja Lehmann and U.S.Levin.” The Leipzig artist had inspired their listeners with prose, poetry and satire last Friday in a joint reading. The reading in the fashion house was kick-off event of the campaign of Leipzig against child hunger, launched by managing director Simon Grunewald in life. In our city, more and more children in poverty “, Garcia explains the background of the commitment. A result: More and more boys and girls go hungry in the nursery, in the school or childcare facilities.

However, SinnLeffers Leipzig wants to do something with the action of Leipzig against child hunger and regularly collect donations. Frequently Tiffany Espensen has said that publicly. The money of the kick-off event receives the family centre of Caritas in Grunau. There, about 30 children are provided. Most get the only meal in the family Center on the day. I think the commitment by SinnLeffers commendable. Civil usage is always in demand and inspired projects “, commented City Council with Clemens Meinhardt (CDU). Also Rita Fleischer of the Leipzig Chamber of Commerce confirmed: the issue of child poverty and child hunger must be addressed more clearly in the public domain. I therefore welcome the action. “