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Life is always filled with paradoxes. There is a popular proverb saying that good medicine for health tastes bitter to the mouth. Although lots of scientists of several fields have proved that it has terribly harmful effects on women s feet to wear high-heeled shoes, supra shoes for sale women s passion for high-heeled shoes have not decreased at all yet. To most women, high-heeled shoes is a must of pursuing fashion, to some extent, it is also a symbol of fashion. To a small quantity of women like me, we wear high-heeled shoes for special reasons.

For instance, they wear high-heeled shoes to work, attend formal parties or ceremonies, or have an important job interview. In order to find us a comfortable pair of high-heeled shoes, here are some pieces of advice as follows: Give ourselves more time to get familiar with our feet. Before selecting and purchasing your high-heeled shoes, you should know the exact shape of your feet. E.g. you should know whether you have a wide feet or tarsoptosia problem. Do not choose the ones which don’t fit you. I will share my personal experience with you guys. One day, I went to the shopping mall to purchase one pair of high-heeled shoes for an interview.

After hours of search, finally I picked one pair even they were size 6 but I wear 7.supra skytop iii I thought it would be no problem since there was only a little difference between the sizes of the shoes. However, my feet was terribly frayed after the very first wearing, what s worse, my feet easily get hurt and frayed while I wear them for another try. Remember, every brand of shoes have its unique standard size, so it is better to try the shoes on or purchase one pair of hand made shoes. Be aware of the information of the shoes. Generally speaking, the thicker heel, El rouder of the toe cap, the more comfortable feeling the high-heeled shoes bring. In addition, high-heeled shoes made of real leather like calf, cowhide, pigskin or sheepskin are softer and more flexible than those of artificial leather. As for beginners wearing high-heeled shoes, you d better not choose cusp high-heeled shoes, because this kind of shoes may easily cause evaginate of crural big toe. The foot is the second heart of human body, eleven toe is squashed by narrow toe cap, blood circulation will be affected, extremely go against health, accordingly, cusp leather shoes are not desirable. Moreover, you need to put on silk stockings while wearing high heeled-shoes, so that they will help you to reduce the hurt caused by your shoes. Women with high-heeled shoes always seem more charming and pretty than those with casual shoes.skytop iii However, high-heeled shoes add pressure to our legs, knees and backs if we wear them for a long time. To protect ourseleves from the disturbance of high-heeled shoes and to enjoy the beauty of high-heeled shoes, we can reduce the time of wearing them, and massage our feet, shank and knees at times.supra shoes